Value Engineering Sample Clauses

Value Engineering. The Supplier may prepare, at its own cost, a value engineering proposal at any time during the performance of the contract. The value engineering proposal shall, at a minimum, include the following;
Value Engineering. Prepare a value-engineering report for District review and approval that:
Value Engineering. Value Engineering (VE) is the creative, organized process of analysis of a project as to cost and/or performance with a focus on analysis of the proposed facility (and its systems, assemblies or components) and the elimination or modification of those features which add cost without contributing to that facility's required function or design value.
Value Engineering. Provide a systematic, extensive review of all design and construction elements of the project with the objective of identifying cost effective product/system substitution solutions and/or streamlined sequences of construction solutions. Provide innovative cost savings that do not compromise design intent, performance or long term maintenance.
Value Engineering. Based on the trade bids received, the Design-Builder shall prepared a written report of suggested value engineering strategies necessary to reconcile the costs of constructing the Project budget, if necessary. The Design-Builder shall meet with the Department’s representatives to discuss any value engineering and changes in scope necessary to ensure that the Department’s schedule and programmatic requirements are met and that the budget is not exceeded. The Design-Builder shall cause the Architect to implement and price any approved value engineering strategies.
Value Engineering. The Contractor may, at any time, submit to the Engineer a written proposal which (in the Contractor's opinion) will, if adopted, (i) accelerate completion, (ii) reduce the cost to the Employer of executing, maintaining or operating the Works, (iii) improve the efficiency or value to the Employer of the completed Works, or (iv) otherwise be of benefit to the Employer. The proposal shall be prepared at the cost of the Contractor and shall include the items listed in sub-clause 13.3 [Variation Procedure].
Value Engineering. The Construction Administrator will identify and recommend alternative materials, products, systems, equipment, or methods that could lead to project cost savings. In addition, the Construction Administrator shall analyze furniture, computer, telecommunications, and finish systems not previously available.
Value Engineering. The Contractor shall review the plans and specifications as prepared by the A/E and perform value engineering services. The County Representative, the A/E and the Contractor shall review the proposed changes and the County shall determine which shall be incorporated into the plans and specifications. As an optional service, the Contractor may be called upon to develop these changes into drawing formats generally compatible with the existing plans and specifications. The fee for this optional work will be determined when required.
Value Engineering. Proposed value engineering items included in the GMP shall be updated from previously submitted value engineering and should reflect the “final acceptance” of VE items, which are part of the scope of work. The VE schedule shall identify current acceptance and the date of acceptance in an adjacent column. VE items must be resolved and accepted by the Owner prior to GMP submittal.
Value Engineering. ‌ Contractor may request substitution of Materials, articles, pieces of equipment, or any changes that reduce the Contract Price by making such request to Consultant in writing. Consultant will be the sole judge of the acceptability of any proposed substitute, and no substitute will be ordered, installed, used, or initiated without Consultant’s prior written acceptance by a Change Order or an approved Shop Drawing. In no event will any substitution accepted by Consultant result in an increase in the Contract Price or Contract Time. By making a request for substitution, Contractor agrees to pay directly to Consultant all Consultant’s fees and charges related to Consultant’s review of the request for substitution, regardless of whether the request for substitution is accepted by Consultant. Any substitution submitted by Contractor must meet the form, fit, function, and life cycle criteria of the item proposed to be replaced, and there must be a reduction in Contract Price including Consultant review fees and charges. If a substitution is approved, the net dollar savings shall be shared equally between Contractor and County and shall be processed as a deductive Change Order. County may require Contractor to furnish, at Contractor’s expense, a special performance guarantee or other surety with respect to any substitute approved after award of this Contract.