Noise Control Sample Clauses

Noise Control. The use of sound equipment is prohibited unless approved by Management. Any electronic equipment or machinery which is determined to be distracting to other exhibits will not be permitted.
Noise Control. A. Contractor shall coordinate equipment locations and timing or sequence of work operations so as to avoid conflict with the Owner's continuing use of adjacent buildings and/or avoid any interference with Owner’s scheduled meetings, events, or business activities.
Noise Control. The Contractor shall install noise reducing devices on construction equipment. Contractor shall comply with the requirements of the city and county having jurisdiction with regard to noise ordinances governing construction sites and activities. Construction equipment noise at the Site shall be limited as required by applicable law, rule or regulation. If classes are in session at any point during the progress of the Work, and, in the District’s reasonable discretion, the noise from any Work disrupts or disturbs the students or faculty or the normal operation of the school at the Site, at the District’s request, the Contractor shall schedule the performance of that Work around normal school hours or make other arrangements so that the Work does not cause disruption or disturbance. In no event shall those arrangements result in adjustment of the Contract Price or the Contract Time.
Noise Control. TGE reserves the right to monitor or prohibit the use of any electronic equipment or machinery that it determines, in its sole discretion, is detracting from other exhibits.
Noise Control. Any electronic equipment or machinery which is determined to be detracting from other vendors will not be permitted.
Noise Control. 16.1 The Contractor(s) shall ensure that all measures are taken to control the noise levels produced by his operations on the Participating Authority(s) site(s) required under or by virtue of any enactment, regulation or Codes of Practice or by the working rules of any industry.
Noise Control. (a) Members and their guests shall be mindful of their behavior and how it affects other members, building tenants, and the general public.
Noise Control. Noise levels shall not cause a disturbance of the surrounding neighborhood. Excessive noise levels will result in the notification to the Sheriff’s Department. The Renter shall be given one verbal notice to lower the noise volume. If additional complaints are received, the event may be terminated, and future applications may be denied. No bands, stereos, or any other amplifying devices are allowed in the Community Center without prior approval upon application.
Noise Control. Noise control shall be maintained by the subcontractors in all areas of construction, guarding against undue noise. Playing of radios, including headsets, is prohibited. All motor-drive equipment shall have a proper exhaust system, which shall meet Cal/OSHA Standards on noise levels. Subcontractors are to provide proper hearing protection to employees using chipping guns, jackhammers, rock drills, or similar devices. Combustible Material (Gas, Oil, Oxygen) Separate storage areas for acetylene, oxygen, and gasoline will be established by Webcor/Obayashi. The contractor shall post proper warning signs. All gasoline will be in containers that will meet NFPA and Cal/OSHA requirements, and will be stored in designated areas only. All acetylene and oxygen bottles will be attached to a cart when in use, or tied off in a vertical position. All carts must be equipped with a fire extinguisher. All stored oxygen and acetylene must be separated from each other, by a minimum of 20 feet or a fire- rated barrier, with bottle caps secured in place as required by Cal/OSHA.
Noise Control. Design Build Entity shall comply with all sound control and noise level rules, regulations and ordinances which apply to the Work. In the absence of any such rules, regulations and ordinances, Design Build Entity shall conduct its Work to minimize disruption to others due to sound and noise from the workers and shall be responsive to Judicial Council’s requests to reduce noise levels.