Community Engagement Sample Clauses

Community Engagement. The HSP will engage the community of diverse persons and entities in the area where it provides health services when setting priorities for the delivery of health services and when developing plans for submission to the LHIN including but not limited to CAPS and integration proposals. As part of its community engagement activities, the HSPs will have in place and utilize effective mechanisms for engaging families, caregivers, clients, residents, patients and other individuals who use the services of the HSP, to help inform the HSP plans, including the HSP’s contribution to the establishment and implementation by the LHIN of geographic sub-regions in its local health system.
Community Engagement. The following actions will be completed by Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxx Academy, Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx, the Academy Board of Directors, and Partners to ensure that the school community is meaningfully engaged in the implementation of this Agreement:
Community Engagement. Short and long-term strategies will be developed to engage a community partners to support access to the school. Activities will include the following: • Innovative events to share information about the school, and solicit input for ongoing development of the overall program • Social media presences to sustain ongoing interest in and support of the school • Newsletter publication to share information with stakeholders to nurture and grow support of the school • Meeting and networking with community groups supporting the school Partnership Development In order to engage students in hands-on and relevant learning, relationships will be developed with partners to build and deepen learning experiences. Specifically, the following will take place: • Develop plans for mentorship programming to connect students to industry and community professionals • Build opportunities for extended learning at industry and community sites aligned with standards and maritime competencies • Sustain relationships to ensure high quality engagement of partners to inform ongoing development of academic programming to be informed by current and future needs in maritime sector employment Family and Student Engagement To ensure families and students are fully engaged with the development and operation of the school, extensive work will take place to ensure multiple opportunities to provide input on programming, as well as general events to ensure families are fully knowledgeable about the school program, and the full range of employment in the maritime sector. Specifically, the school will: • Establish a student structure to provide input on the overall design of the school, as well incorporating student interests into learning • Provide multiple venues for families to provide input, including live meetings and asynchronous platforms for feedbackHost events for families to connect with industry and community partners to learn about the full range of maritime careers Staff Development Long term sustainability of the school relies on strong staff development. To support this, significant effort will be invested in staff development, including: • Instructional coaching of staff on project based learning, with a specific focus on connecting to maritime careers • Increasing and developing staff’s knowledge of maritime careers and related competencies • Developing and supporting staff capacity to build authentic and meaningful relationships with maritime-focused partners Reporting on the ...
Community Engagement. The HSP wiII engage the community of diverçe perçonç and entitieç in each area where it provideç heaIth çerviceç when çetting prioritieç for the deIivery of heaIth çerviceç in that area and when deveIoping plans for submission to the LHIN including but not limited to the HSP’s Planning LONG-TERM CARE HOME SERVICE ACCOUNTABILITY AGREEMENT APRIL 1, 2019 - MARCH 31, 2022 22/42 Submissions and integration proposals. As part of its community engagement activitieç, the HSPç wiII have in pIace, and utiIize, effective mechaniçmç for engaging families and patients to help inform the HSP plans, including the HSP’s contribution to the establishment and implementation by the LHIN of geographic çub-regionç in itç IocaI heaIth çyçtem.
Community Engagement. 3.9.1 NICTD shall conduct local community outreach regarding the technical elements of the Rail Projects (e.g., station location, bike paths, station design, parking, etc.). NICTD's outreach shall be consistent and coordinated with RDA's development plans regarding TDDs.
Community Engagement. 7. The LHIN will fulfill its community engagement requirements in accordance with the LHIN Community Engagement Guidelines and Toolkit1 (dated February 2011) to ensure greater clarity and transparency of process.
Community Engagement. Applicant acknowledges, as a business within Valparaiso, its obligation (and that of its employees) to fully engage with the community and support groups, organizations, initiatives and institutions that contribute towards the betterment of Valparaiso. Such engagement and support may include, but is not limited to, financial contributions, volunteering of time, and/or participating in social, cultural, civic and religious events within Valparaiso. As a part of it annual filing of its CF-1, Applicant shall include an overview outlining what actions the Applicant and its employees have taken to satisfy its obligation.