Community Engagement Integration Activities Sample Clauses

Community Engagement Integration Activities 

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  • Community Engagement The HSP will engage the community of diverse persons and entities in the area where it provides health services when setting priorities for the delivery of health services and when developing plans for submission to the LHIN including but not limited to CAPS and integration proposals. As part of its community engagement activities, the HSPs will have in place and utilize effective mechanisms for engaging families, caregivers, clients, residents, patients and other individuals who use the services of the HSP, to help inform the HSP plans, including the HSP’s contribution to the establishment and implementation by the LHIN of geographic sub-regions in its local health system.

  • Proposing Integration Activities in the Planning Submission No integration activity described in section 6.3 may be proposed in a CAPS unless the LHIN has consented, in writing, to its inclusion pursuant to the process set out in section 6.3(b).

  • Time Off for Union Activities A. Union-designated employees may be allowed time off without pay to attend union- sponsored meetings, training sessions, conferences, and conventions. The employees’ time off will not interfere with the operating needs of the University as determined by management. If the absence is approved, the employees may use accumulated compensatory time, personal holiday, or vacation leave instead of leave without pay. However, employees must use compensatory time prior to their use of vacation leave, unless the use would result in the loss of their vacation leave.

  • Union Activities If the Contract Amount is $50,000 or more, no Judicial Council funds received under this Agreement will be used to assist, promote or deter union organizing during the term of this Agreement (including any extension or renewal term).