Disposition Sample Clauses

Disposition. Without in any way limiting the representations set forth above, Investor agrees that until the Securities are sold pursuant to an effective Registration Statement or an exemption from registration, they will remain in the name of Investor and will not be transferred to or assigned to any broker, dealer or depositary. Investor further agrees not to sell, transfer, assign, or pledge the Securities (except for any bona fide pledge arrangement to the extent that such pledge does not require registration under the Act or unless an exemption from such registration is available and provided further that if such pledge is realized upon, any transfer to the pledgee shall comply with the requirements set forth herein), or to otherwise dispose of all or any portion of the Securities unless and until:
Disposition. The Member’s Membership Interest is transferable either voluntarily or by operation of law. The Member may dispose of all or a portion of the Member’s Membership Interest. Upon the transfer of the Member’s Membership Interest, the transferee shall be admitted as a Member at the time the transfer is completed.
Disposition or “Dispose of” shall mean any (i) pledge, sale, contract to sell, sale of any option or contract to purchase, purchase of any option or contract to sell, grant of any option, right or warrant for the sale of, or other disposition of or transfer of any shares of Common Stock, or any Common Stock Equivalents, including, without limitation, any “short sale” or similar arrangement, or (ii) swap or any other agreement or any transaction that transfers, in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, the economic consequence of ownership of shares of Common Stock, whether any such swap or transaction is to be settled by delivery of securities, in cash or otherwise.
Disposition. The Member’s interest in the Company is transferable either voluntarily or by operation of law. The Member may dispose of all or a portion of the Member’s interest. Notwithstanding any provision of the Act to the contrary and at the discretion of the transferring Member, the transferee of the Member’s interest in the Company may be admitted as a Member upon the completion of the transfer without further action; provided that, if such transfer results in more than one Member, the provisions of this Agreement shall terminate and the Company shall be governed by the Act (until such time as the Members enter into a new Operating Agreement).
Disposition. Without in any way limiting the representations set forth above, the Subscriber further agrees not to make any disposition of all or any portion of the Securities unless and until:
Disposition. If, on or after the date of a Change in Control, an Affiliate is sold, merged, transferred or in any other manner or for any other reason ceases to be an Affiliate or all or any portion of the business or assets of an Affiliate are sold, transferred or otherwise disposed of and the acquiror is not the Company or an Affiliate (a "Disposition"), and you remain or become employed by the acquiror or an affiliate of the acquiror (as defined in this Agreement but substituting "acquiror" for "Company") in connection with the Disposition, you will be deemed to have terminated employment on the effective date of the Disposition for purposes of this section unless (a) the acquiror and its affiliates jointly and severally expressly assume and agree, in a manner that is enforceable by you, to perform the obligations of this Agreement to the same extent that the Company would be required to perform if the Disposition had not occurred and (b) the Successor guarantees, in a manner that is enforceable by you, payment and performance by the acquiror.
Disposition. The HSP will not, without the LHIN’s prior written consent, sell, lease or otherwise dispose of any assets purchased with Funding, the cost of which exceeded$25,000 at the time of purchase. ARTICLE 5.0 - REPAYMENT AND RECOVERY OF FUNDING
Disposition. The Administrator may assign, transfer, convey, any or all of the Collateral, by public or private sale subject to TERI’s rights to retain a copy of each Related Document now or in the future in TERI’s possession. The Administrator shall provide TERI with reasonable written notice of the time and place of any such sale.
Disposition. Stockholder hereby covenants and agrees during the term of this Agreement that (a) except as consented to in writing by SunTrust in its sole discretion, Stockholder will not sell, transfer, assign, pledge, hypothecate, tender or otherwise dispose of or limit its right to vote in any manner any of the Securities, or agree to do any of the foregoing, and (b) Stockholder will not take any action which would have the effect of preventing or disabling Stockholder from performing its obligations under this Agreement.
Disposition. Pursuant to the VRLTA, Landlord may apply all or part of the Security Deposit (which includes the Pet Deposit) to the payment of accrued Rent and the amount of any damages that have been suffered by Landlord, including but not limited to, physical damages and any damages that may be caused by an assistance animal, appropriate charges to Tenant not previously reimbursed to Landlord, charges that maybe due by Tenant to third-party utility providers in accordance with the provisions of Section 55-248.15:1(A) of the VRLTA, and actual damages for breach of this Lease, including attorneysfees and costs. Damages shall be calculated based on replacement costs of items, not the depreciated value. Landlord shall have the right to apply the Security Deposit to any outstanding fees, charges or other amounts due first, and then to any unpaid Rent. The Security Deposit and the Pet Deposit may be applied by Landlord to any amounts due Landlord without regard to whether such amounts are due because of damages caused by animal(s) of Tenant. Within 45 days after the termination of the tenancy, Landlord will provide Tenant with a written security deposit disposition statement, including an itemized list of damages, and with payment of any amount due to Tenant. If Tenant complies with all terms and conditions of the Lease and with the VRLTA, Landlord will return to Tenant the Security Deposit, together with any accrued interest if required by law. If the damages to the Dwelling Unit exceed the amount of the Security Deposit and require the services of a third-party contractor, Landlord shall give written notice to Tenant advising of the fact within a 45 day period. If such notice is given, Landlord shall have an additional 15 day period to provide an itemization of the damages and the cost of repair. There is no interest due and payable on the Security Deposit in accordance with the VRLTA for any Security Deposit received after January 1, 2009. If the Security Deposit was received prior to January 1, 2009, the VRLTA provides that any accrued interest due and payable shall be paid to Tenant no later than 45 days after termination of the tenancy and return of possession of the Dwelling Unit by Tenant. Since January 1, 2009, any interest earned on the Security Deposit will be retained by Agent to cover administrative costs.