ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS. In the worse case scenario, many environmental concerns must be addressed. Along with the police and fire marshal, the state environmental protection department will be on site to monitor the situation. Items to be concerned with in a large central office building could include:
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ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS. In the worse case scenario, many environmental concerns must be addressed. Along with the police and fire marshal, the state environmental protection department will be on site to monitor the situation.
ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS a. Tenant, its agents, employees, contractors or invitees shall not (i) cause or permit any Hazardous Materials (hereinafter defined) to be brought upon, stored, used or disposed on, in or about the Premises and/or the Building, or (ii) knowingly permit the release, discharge, spill or emission of any Hazardous Material in or from the Premises.
ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS. The Activity Planner must ensure that the requirements in 22 CFR 216 for an environmental impact assessment have been met, approved in writing by the relevant Bureau environmental officer, and are incorporated into the NOFO and award as necessary. When USAID directs applicants to address environmental concerns in an activity, the NOFO must state the requirement. ADS 204 provides detailed guidance on environmental concerns, and ADS 201 provides guidance on incorporating ADS 204 into the planning, achieving, and learning processes.
ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS. If an employee has a concern(s) about any issue affecting his/her work environment and wishes to receive a formal response, he/she will complete the Environmental Issues Form (Appendix 2.2) and meet with and discuss the concern(s) with his/her immediate supervisor. The immediate supervisor will provide a written response describing the proposed action. If a satisfactory resolution is not reached in that forum, the employee may refer the concern(s) to an administrator of the appropriate district division for response. Upon request, the supervising administrator will assist the employee in determining the appropriate district administrator to address the concern.
ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS. That the Property has not been the subject of an environmental impact study required by any Tribunal nor has such study been deemed necessary and the past, present or contemplated use of the Property has not violated and does not violate any Environmental Laws and the Property is not within an area identified by any Tribunal as an area of contamination.
ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS. The Inspection does not include hazardous materials that may be in or behind the walls, floors or ceilings of the property. This includes building materials that are now suspected of posing a risk to health such as phenol-formaldehyde and urea-formaldehyde based products, fiberglass insulation and vermiculite insulation. The Inspector does not identify asbestos roofing, siding, wall, ceiling or floor finishes, insulation or fire proofing. We do not look for lead or other toxic metals in such things as pipes, paint or window coverings. The Inspection does not deal with environmental hazards such as the past use of insecticides, fungicides, herbicides or pesticides. The Inspector does not look for, or comment on, the past use of chemicals including chemical termite treatments in or around the property. The inspection report will also NOT address infestation by wood boring insects, rodents or vermin. The client acknowledges that it may be necessary to retain specialists in such areas to identify and evaluate these types of risks.
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ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS. TENANT warrants that (i) the Premises shall not be used by TENANT, its agents, employees or invitees in violation of any federal, state or local law, ordinance or regulation for the protection of the environment (“Environmental Law”); (ii) all operations of TENANT are being and in the future will be conducted in full compliance with all Environmental Laws; free of underground storage tanks, out-of-use transformers, hazardous, radioactive or toxic wastes, contaminants, oil, asbestos containing materials, or other materials, the production, use, storage, transportation, disposal, discharge, or removal of which is regulated, restricted, prohibited or penalized by any federal, state or local agency, authority or governmental unit (“Hazardous Substances”); (iii) TENANT has not filed nor been required to file any federal, state, or local reports or notices of any nature relating to the discovery, discharge, or disposal of Hazardous Substances on any real property now or previously owned or occupied by TENANT; and (iv) no proceedings have been commenced or threatened, or citations, orders, or notices received, concerning TENANT and the alleged violation of any Environmental Laws. Except for materials necessary for the normal routine maintenance of the Premises, which materials shall be used in accordance will all Environmental Laws, TENANT covenants that, without prior written consent of OWNER, it will not permit any Hazardous Substances to be brought into the Demised Premises or to the Land, including all improvements located thereon, and if otherwise brought, found or located thereon, TENANT will cause the same to be removed immediately, with proper disposal, will diligently undertake all necessary environmental cleanup procedures, and will otherwise fully comply with all Environmental Laws; however, if such Hazardous Substance(s) were located in the Demised Premises prior to their occupation by TENANT, such cleanup procedures will be effected by OWNER and/or such party other than TENANT responsible for the presence of such materials. TENANT covenants that it will immediately notify OWNER in writing of any accidents on or affecting the Premises involving Hazardous Substances, and will provide OWNER with copies of all current or future environmentally related permits, filings, reports, assessments, audits, notices, complaints, and the like relating to TENANT or the Premises. TENANT further covenants that upon request of OWNER, TENANT will, at its sole expense, o...
ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS. All of the covenants, representations and warranties of Borrower regarding environmental matters set forth in the Mortgage are incorporated herein by reference and are hereby made as if set forth herein in full, and such representations and warranties are true and correct in all respects.
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