Residential Development Sample Clauses

Residential Development. The Builder Nonprofit agrees to design and construct a single family neighborhood homes for low to moderate income homebuyers on the one block area between Burcham and Snyder, on both sides of Virginia Avenue in the Development Site. All of the new units will be deed-restricted for owner-occupancy with a Use and Occupancy Restrictionprepared by the City of East Lansing, with the exception of up to six (6) accessory units which may be approved for a Class III rental housing license under a Special Use Permit. The architectural character of the new homes shall be compatible with units in the neighborhood possessing historical elements and style. The goal is to maximize land use to create up to 30 units of single family housing. The Project will consist of a combination of one (1), one and a half (1½) and two (2) story detached homes and two and one-half (2½) story town homes. Parking for units will be provided behind the homes. The Builder Nonprofit shall adhere to these parameters and all others as set forthin SECTION 4, LOT SALES EXHIBIT A, the Development Agreement Financial Addendum (the “Financial Addendum”). The City reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to approve the final site plan, building floor plans and elevation, and exterior building architectural and design features as to what it deems to be in the public interest. Mayberry Homes will copyright the plans and tThe City of East Lansing shallnot unreasonably withhold the approval of said plans and designs.
Residential Development. Each residential development application submitted by Developer and/or its assignees who have purchased or leased portions of the Project shall include a statement of (a) the total number of residential dwelling units allowed in the Project under this Agreement; (b) the cumulative total number of residential dwelling units previously approved for all of the properties within the Project from the date of approval of this Agreement to the date of the application; (c) the number of dwelling units and densities for which a permit is sought under the particular development phase application; and(d) the balance of the residential dwelling units remaining allowable to the Project. For each subdivision containing single-family residential properties, the final plat and CC&Rs governing such subdivision shall state that use on such properties is limited to residential use only, subject to applicable Leeds Town ordinances.
Residential Development. It shall be a condition of every lease of vacant land zoned for low-density residential development that construction of the improvements identified in the land application must begin within 18 months of the commencement date of the lease, and must be completed within 24 months of the commencement date of the lease or by the completion date required by the development permit, whichever is earlier.
Residential Development. Residential housing units, townhomes, apartments, or other private or public housing developments, except for caretaker and donnitory facilities described in paragraph 3 above, are prohibited.
Residential Development. The City recognizes that federal and provincial policies discourage residential development in areas within the 30 NEP/NEF composite contour because such development is incompatible with airport operations. The City and the GTAA will consult with a view towards developing appropriate policies and practices to discourage residential development within the 30 NEP/NEF composite contour.
Residential Development. The City shall not permit residential development within the TIF District without first obtaining the written consent of the School Districts.
Residential Development. The Dairy at Hilton is a residential estate, and no business shall be conducted on any property.
Residential Development. The Project contemplated by this Agreement comprises one hundred and six (106) townhome dwelling units, which number includes three (3) dwelling units, located on lots 134, 135, and 136, resulting from the Developer’s voluntary contribution to the City’s Affordable Housing Program, as set forth in Section 4.2, below. The Property development and design standards, including building elevations, for the planned dwelling units shall conform to the Preliminary Plat and Concept Building Elevations.
Residential Development