Parking Lots Sample Clauses

Parking Lots. With respect to all buildings having parking lots adjacent thereto, no additional compensation shall be required for servicing such lots. However, all employees hired prior to May 1, 2000 who have performed such services under the Agreement effective from December 1, 2000 through November 30, 2002 and who were paid additional compensation for such services shall continue to perform such services and shall continue to be paid such additional compensation.
Parking Lots i) When current parking space is insufficient at shift change, additional parking spaces will be provided.
Parking Lots. 1. The Employer shall provide safe, secure, and appropriately lighted adequate parking at no cost to employees. The Employer agrees to exercise reasonable care in maintaining the security of the parking area at all DOE facilities.
Parking Lots. Parking lots are presently zoned “0” for the provision of off street parking. The inventory is comprised of the following parcels: Block C (former-now in Parcel A) -beside new Mineral Springs Hospital Block 1, Lots 21-31 -between Magpie & Stump and Whyte Museum lots Block 2, Lots 20-24 -behind Mount Royal Hotel Block 2, Lots 35-37 -behind the United Church Block 6, Lots 22-25 -beside Bear Street Mall Block 7, Lots 22-23 -two lots south of AGT building
Parking Lots. No charge for parking at the ORO or at OSTI will be passed on to employees. The Union shall be provided reserved parking spaces close to an entrance. The number of space(s) provided shall be the same number of spaces reserved for Management at ORO and OSTI.
Parking Lots. Tenant shall be permitted to use the Landlord’s parking lots to the South of the Stadium and to the West of the Stadium during home games and other scheduled entertainment events each year. Tenant shall be responsible for the general maintenance of the Stadium parking areas during this time. This includes trash and litter pickup and removal and overall cleaning. Landlord shall barricade off certain spots in front of the Stadium consistent with the operation in 2015 and 2016.
Parking Lots. Where available, parking lots with or without car heater outlets shall be provided at no cost to the employee.
Parking Lots. Consistent with BDMC 18.72.030(F) (Exhibit “E”), and with the further restrictions provided herein, the purpose of Parking Lot landscaping is to soften the visual appearance, soften off‐site views of Parking Lots, add shade and reinforce safe pedestrian access routes to buildings and connecting sidewalks. The Master Developer shall ensure that all Parking Lots with 12 or more stalls comply with the following: