Monitoring and Evaluation Sample Clauses

Monitoring and Evaluation a. The AGENCY shall expeditiously provide to the COUNTY upon request, all data needed for the purpose of monitoring, evaluating and/or auditing the program(s). This data shall include, but not be limited to, clients served, services provided, outcomes achieved, information on materials and services delivered, and any other data required, in the sole discretion of the COUNTY, that may be required to adequately monitor and evaluate the services provided under this Contract. Monitoring shall be performed in accordance with the COUNTY’S established Noncompliance Standards, a copy of which is attached hereto and incorporated by reference as Attachment “C”.
Monitoring and Evaluation. 14.1 The CGIAR’s M&E Framework is intended to support successful execution of the SRF and translate the CGIAR’s vision into tangible results.
Monitoring and Evaluation. 4.11.1 Grantee agrees that the City or its designee may carry out monitoring and evaluation activities to ensure adherence by the Grantee and Subgrantees to the Program Work Statement, Program Performance Measures, and Program Budget, as well as other provisions of this Agreement. Grantee shall fully cooperate in any monitoring or review by the City and further agrees to designate a staff member to coordinate monitoring and evaluation activities.
Monitoring and Evaluation. The Grantee will monitor, evaluate and provide guidance to the Subrecipient in the performance of this Contract. Authorized representatives of the Grantee and HUD shall have the right of access to all activities and facilities operated by the Subrecipient under this Contract. Facilities include all files, records, and other documents related to the performance of this Contract. Activities include attendance at staff, board of directors, advisory committee and advisory board meetings, and observation of on-going program functions. The Subrecipient will ensure the cooperation of its staff and board members in such efforts. Grantee staff may conduct program progress reviews. These reviews will focus on the extent to which planned program has been implemented and measurable goals achieved, effectiveness of program management, and impact of the program.
Monitoring and Evaluation. The City shall have the right to monitor and evaluate the progress and performance of the Subrecipient to assure that the terms of this Agreement are being satisfactorily fulfilled in accordance with City’s and other applicable monitoring and evaluation criteria and standards. The City shall at least quarterly review the Subrecipient’s performance using on-site visits, progress reports required to be submitted by the Subrecipient, audit findings, disbursements transactions and contact with the Subrecipient as necessary. The Subrecipient shall furnish to the City quarterly program and financial reports of its activities in such form and manner as may be requested by the City. Subrecipients shall fully cooperate with City in relation to such monitoring and evaluation.
Monitoring and Evaluation. GGGI will conduct periodic reviews, at least [insert number] times during the Term of Engagement, either in person or via video or telephone conference, to which representatives of the beneficiary governments may be invited to attend. GGGI will conduct independent reviews on the quality and progress of the Project before making payment in accordance with Article 4. The Consultant shall incorporate all comments and corrections that GGGI requests in the course of independent reviews in accordance with Clause G-1 of the General Conditions of Contract.
Monitoring and Evaluation a. The QAPI program must monitor and evaluate the quality of clinical care on an ongoing basis. Quality indicators listed and described in this Contract must be used to monitor adherence to practice guidelines. Standardized quality indicators must be used to assess improvement, assure achievement of minimum performance levels, monitor adherence to guidelines, and identify patterns of over-utilization and under-utilization. The measurement of quality indicators selected by the County must be supported by appropriate data collection and analysis methods to improve clinical care and services.
Monitoring and Evaluation. The Recipient and/or its designee under this Agreement shall participate with Provider to monitor the delivery of services under this Agreement and further to coordinate any service or program evaluation that may be necessary during or at the conclusion of the term of this Agreement.
Monitoring and Evaluation. The monitoring and performance reviews for each quarter as determined in the Local Government: Municipal Performance Regulations for Municipal Managers and Managers directly accountable to Municipal Managers, 2006 shall be comprised of the Municipal Manager, and their brief will be to assess the performance of the Director in line with the performance requirements as outlined in Annexure “A” of this contract. Despite the in-year reviews, the employer shall establish an assessment team to conduct an annual performance review. The team to conduct an annual assessment shall be composed as follows: