Union Dues Deductions Sample Clauses

Union Dues Deductions. It shall be a condition of employment for all Nurses in the Bargaining Unit, that dues be deducted from their bi-weekly salary in the amount determined by the Union. The deductions for newly employed Nurses shall be in the first pay period of employment. The dues shall be submitted monthly to the Union together with a list of the Nurses from whom the deductions were made.
Union Dues Deductions. 7.01 On each pay date which an Employee receives a pay cheque the Employer shall deduct from each Employee the OSSTF dues and any dues chargeable by the Bargaining Unit or an equivalent amount. The amounts shall be determined by OSSTF and/or the Bargaining Unit in accordance with their respective constitutions and forwarded in writing to the Employer at least thirty (30) days prior to the expected date of change.
Union Dues Deductions. SECTION 1. Upon presentation of a proper authorization form executed by the individual employee, the Employer agrees to deduct Union dues from net pay after taxes and remit same to the Union in accordance with applicable law. It is understood the Employers will remit each month the Union dues deducted in accordance with this Article on the transmittal forms used for fringe benefit contributions and that the pro-rata costs of such forms and the collection and accounting thereof will be paid by the Union to the fringe benefit administrator.
Union Dues Deductions. The Board shall deduct from the pay of each employee, who has provided written authorization to do so, current membership dues of the Union, provided that such deductions shall not vary in amount from paycheck to paycheck during any single school term. Deductions shall commence the first payroll period of the month following notification. If the Board is unable to make the initial deduction on the first pay day of such month, the sole remedy shall be a double deduction made on the second pay day of the month. Termination of employment for any reason shall constitute revocation of authorization for dues deduction. Any other revocation of authorization for dues deduction shall be made in accordance with the terms set forth in the authorization currently in use. All dues deducted by the Board shall be remitted to the Union no later than ten
Union Dues Deductions. 1. The Hospital agrees to deduct from the regular paycheck of staff members included in this negotiations unit, dues for the Union, provided the staff members authorize such deduction in writing in proper form to the Campus Human Resources Office.
Union Dues Deductions. 30.1 The Employer agrees that it will deduct regular dues, of an amount certified by the Union annually, from the pay of each member of the Bargaining Unit, who in writing, voluntarily authorizes the Employer to do so. Such deductions shall be made a month in advance and remitted to the Secretary/Treasurer of the Union by the fifteenth (15th) day of the month in which the deduction occurred. In addition, the Union agrees to indemnify and hold the Board harmless from any and all claims, suits or other forms of liability arising out of deductions of money for union dues under this provision. Members of the Bargaining Unit authorizing the Board to provide dues check off shall provide the Board continuous authority during the length of this Agreement, unless revoked in writing, by both parties. APPENDIX D
Union Dues Deductions. The Employer will deduct from every Employee the amount authorized by the Union as Union dues, and assessed once per pay period. Such deductions will be made from the payroll at the end of each pay period and will be forwarded to the Treasurer of the Union not later than the 15th day of the following month accompanied by a list of names, contact information, and job title of all Employees from whose wages the deductions have been made.
Union Dues Deductions. The Company shall make collection of Union dues through payroll deduction upon receipt of an order in writing signed by the employee and shall pay over to the Union, monthly, the total amount thus deducted from all employees. Authorization by employees for such deductions shall be in a form mutually acceptable to the Union and the Company. Deductions from employees paid weekly will be made in the second and fourth pay periods of each month. Deductions from employees paid bi-weekly will be made in the first and second bi-weekly pay periods of each month.
Union Dues Deductions. 1. The Board shall adopt one (1) month’s current uniform and periodic Xxxxx Xxxx Community College Adjunct Faculty Organization’s dues from the pay of each bargaining unit member who voluntarily executes and delivers to the Board a form authorizing such deductions. The Union shall notify the Board of the dues as a percentage of pay amount, in writing, and any changes thereto shall be implemented by the end of the month following its receipt of the notice.
Union Dues Deductions. 6.01‌‌‌ All employees who are covered by the Certificate of Bargaining Authority shall, as a condition of continuing employment, authorize a deduction from their pay cheques of the amount of the dues levies and assessments payable to the Union by a member of the Union. The Employer shall provide a copy of the authorization form, which has been forwarded by the Union, to each new employee.