Report Sample Clauses

Report. No later than seven (7) calendar days after the Response Deadline, the Settlement Administrator will provide the Parties with a complete and accurate accounting of the number of Notice Packets mailed to Class Members, the number of Notice Packets returned as undeliverable, the number of Notice Packets re-mailed to Class Members, the number of re-mailed Notice Packets returned as undeliverable, the number of Class Members who objected to the Settlement and copies of their submitted objections, the number of Class Members who returned valid requests for exclusion, and the number of Class Members who returned invalid requests for exclusion.
Report. Not later than 25 days after each Distribution Date, the Servicer shall forward or cause to be forwarded to the Trustee a statement, certified by a Servicing Officer, setting forth the status of the Custodial Account for P&I as of the close of business on the related Distribution Date, stating that all distributions from the Custodial Account for P&I required to be made by this Agreement have been made for the period covered by such statement (or if any required distribution has not been made, specifying the nature and status thereof) and showing, for the period covered by such statement, the aggregate of deposits into and withdrawals from the Custodial Account for P&I for each category of deposit specified in Section 3.2 and each category of withdrawal specified in Section 3.3. Such statement shall also include information as to the aggregate Principal Balance of all of the Loans as of the last day of the calendar month immediately preceding such Distribution Date. Copies of such statement shall be provided to any Certificateholder upon request by the Servicer, or by the Trustee so long as the Trustee has received the report as stipulated above at the Servicer's expense if the Servicer shall fail to provide such copies.
Report. 4.1. The host will provide a report within two months following the project end date set out in Article 1.2. The report will contain minimum the following information:
Report. The purpose of the records review is to obtain and review records that will help identify recognized environmental conditions in connection with the property. The site reconnaissance involves physical observation of the property’s exterior and interior, as well as an observation of adjoining properties. Interviews with previous and current owners and occupants, and local government officials provides insight into the presence or absence of recognized environmental conditions in connection with the property. The final component of the ESA, the report, contains the findings of the ESA and conclusions regarding the presence or absence of recognized environmental conditions in connection with the property. It includes documentation to support the analysis, opinions, and conclusions found in the report. While the use of this practice is intended to constitute appropriate inquiry for purposes of CERCLA’s innocent landowner defense, it is not intended that its use be limited to that purpose. The ASTM standard is intended to be an approach to conducting an inquiry designed to identify recognized environmental conditions in connection with a property, and environmental site assessments. E-1 EXHIBIT F FORM OF OPINION OF BORROWER’S COUNSEL October __, 2007 KeyBank National Association, as Administrative Agent for the Lenders 000 Xxxxxx Xxxxxx, 0xx Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxx, Xxxx 00000 Re: Credit Agreement dated as of October __, 2007 (the “Credit Agreement”), by and among Inland Western Retail Real Estate Trust, Inc., a corporation organized under the laws of the State of Maryland (the Borrower”), KeyBank National Association, a national banking association, and the several banks, financial institutions and other entities from time to time parties to the Credit Agreement (collectively, the “Lenders”) and KeyBank National Association, not individually, but as “Administrative Agent” Ladies and Gentlemen: We have acted as special counsel to the Borrower in connection with the Credit Agreement. Capitalized terms used but not otherwise defined herein shall have the respective meanings assigned thereto in the Credit Agreement. We have reviewed the Credit Agreement, the Subsidiary Guaranty and the Notes (collectively, the “Loan Documents”). For purposes hereof, we have made certain assumptions hereinafter described without independent verification. We have also assumed, without independent verification, that there are no facts inconsistent with the assumptions hereinafter set forth. ...
Report. 5(1) If the dispute has not been resolved within 6 months after the notice is given under section 2 of this Schedule, the initiating parties must, within 21 days, prepare and provide to the other parties a report.
Report. At the conclusion of the project, the professor(s) shall submit a report to the Faculty Association and the Instruction Office detailing the project and its results. The Instruction Office will publicize the reports to the college campus.
Report. 1. The report of the arbitral panel shall be drafted without the presence of the Parties. The arbitral panel shall base its report on the relevant provisions of this Agreement and the submissions and arguments of the Parties, and may take into account any other relevant information provided to the arbitral panel.
Report. At the completion of the proposed and funded activity, the faculty member shall file a report with the Xxxx’x Office for Faculty Scholar Awards and with the Xxxx’x and the Xxxxxxx’x Office for Sabbatical Incentive Awards. These reports will detail the accomplishments for the activity, specifically in terms of the criteria for awards listed above and the specific activities proposed in the original proposal. The report shall normally be presented by the end of the academic term in which the faculty member resumes normal responsibilities. Proposals which are funded along with summary reports or tangible products will be made available for faculty each year in the office of the appropriate Xxxx/Director.