Work Time definition

Work Time means all hours spent performing the duties of an assigned job; travel between job sites during or after the employee’s regular hours of work (where no overnight expenses are involved); rest periods allowed during the employee’s regular hours of work; and meal periods when less than 30 consecutive minutes is provided.
Work Time. The term "work time" shall mean the time the employee actually spends on compensated work activities.
Work Time. The term "work time" as used in this Agreement refers to time spent in compensated employment except time spent on all paid disability leaves and workers' compensation.

Examples of Work Time in a sentence

  • Performance report basedon Quality of Work, Time Management,and Resourcefulness : Very Good / Good / FairDATE:- EXECUTIVE ENGINEER / PROJECT MANAGER OR EQUIVALENT FORM ‘E’ STRUCTURE AND ORGANISATION1.

  • Service Provider may request adjustments to the price, the Scope of Work Time, or both, to the extent that the change is necessitated by the existence of any underground facility that is not shown or indicated in the Task Assignment’s Scope of Work and Service Provider did not reasonably know about or was not reasonably foreseeable.

  • Thornton shall have the authority to make minor changes that do not cause extra cost or add to Scope of Work Time, or inconsistent with the design concept and purposes of the Work.

  • Failure to complete the Work within the Scope of Work Time or any proper extension thereof granted by Thornton.

  • Failure to prosecute the Work with sufficient competence or rapidity to insure the proper completion of the Work within the Scope of Work Time.

More Definitions of Work Time

Work Time means a Staff Member’s ordinary hours of work (as referred to in clause 4.2) or while on paid leave; and
Work Time. Teacher: Reads aloud text. Students: Use vocab., respond to text, ask and answer ?s. Closing: Setting up for small group/ind. work (later in the day or tomorrow---depends on schedule) APPENDIX B – Sample Lesson Plan Frameworks INTERVENTION LANGUAGE CLASS (LEVEL D) (50 MIN. PERIOD) FRAMEWORK SAMPLE Content Objective (C.O.): Students will learn the vowel digraphs ai, ee, and oa. Literacy Objective (L.O.): (reading, listening, speaking, writing) Students will hear, read, write, and discover words using the vowel digraphs ai, ee, and oa. Students will listen and identify words using the vowel digraphs ai, ee, and oa, in a text read aloud by the teacher. Opening:
Work Time. Standard Hours: XX hours per week on the Working Days Overtime Hours: Hours other than the Standard Hours worked by you and approved by the Client Professional Day: XX hours or such longer hours as the Client shall reasonably request on the Working Days Working Days: Monday to Friday or as per agreed shift roster subject to the continuing requirements of the Client Pay Rate: Standard Hours: Basic: £XX per hour Overtime Hours: Overtime (Mon-Fri): £XX per hour Professional Day: £XX per Professional Day
Work Time means the portion of an employee's contracted hours for which they are contracted to perform the duties of a school counselor or other educational staff associate assignment. [2021 c 174 § 3.]
Work Time means time spent by a CSR performing follow-up work on a Call (account notation, etc.), as measured by the ACD. During Work Time, a CSR is signed onto the ACD in the Work Time state and is not available to answer a Call. The average of Work Time per Call Handled shall be known as "Average Work Time" ("AWT') and shall be calculated by dividing total Work Time by total Calls Handled. SCHEDULE B TOP CENTER RANKING ------------------
Work Time for a driver, means –
Work Time means the time during which a domestic worker