Learning Environment Sample Clauses

Learning Environment. In order to maintain a safe and otherwise appropriate learning environment, AAUP-WSU and the University agree to the following measures.
Learning Environment. A teacher uses an understanding of individual and group motivation and behavior to create learning environments that encourage positive social interaction, active engagement in learning, and self- motivation.
Learning Environment. The teacher establishes rapport with students and provides a pleasant, safe and orderly climate conducive to learning.
Learning Environment. 20.1.1 Projected enrolment figures as of no later than May 31 will form the basis for staffing for the following September.
Learning Environment. The teacher established a classroom environment conducive to learning. Key indicators include: collaborating with students, establishing a safe, respectful and academically challenging environment.
Learning Environment a. Build a safe, supportive, and innovative learning environment that encourages all students and staff to work collectively and collaboratively to achieve the Portrait of a Sears Graduate.
Learning Environment. The Facility has a responsibility to maintain a positive, respectful, and adequately resourced learning environment so that sound educational experiences can occur for participating interns. Therefore, the Facility will provide interns with access to appropriate resources for intern education including: a) access to patients/clients at the Facility in an appropriately supervised environment, in which the intern can complete the University’s curriculum; b) intern security badges or other required security access to patient/client care areas;
Learning Environment. The teacher fosters and manages a safe and inclusive learning environment that takes into account: physical, emotional and intellectual well-being.
Learning Environment. It is the responsibility of the teachers and Administration to provide an atmosphere within the classroom and within the school building that is conducive to learning.