Authorized Dealers Sample Clauses

Authorized Dealers. Respondents may allow authorized dealers, as defined in Section 3.1, to provide products and services on their behalf using the Authorized Dealer Form indicated in Section 7.15. Respondents are encouraged to utilize Certified Minority Business Enterprise (CMBE) dealers. Respondent shall identify any CMBE dealers on the Authorized Dealer Form. Each dealer named will be responsible for product delivery and service for any orders received as well as providing assistance to Eligible Users. Dealers receiving orders on behalf of the Contractor are required to register in MyFloridaMarketPlace and with the Division of Corporations. All authorized dealers shall be under the DIRECT SUPERVISION of the awarded vendor and shall follow all contract requirements.
Authorized Dealers. Contractor approved Authorized Dealers for the State of South Carolina shall be identified to the State upon execution of this Participating Addendum. Authorized Dealers are approved to accept orders and provide sales, maintenance and service support to participants. The Contractor Authorized Dealer’s participation will be in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in the Master Agreement and this Participating Addendum. The Contractor agrees to distribute its products to South Carolina governmental bodies through contractors registered with the South Carolina Secretary of State as an authorized South Carolina contractor at xxxx:// As recommended by the Contractor, Authorized Dealers may be issued a contract number for administrative system purposes of making sales, receiving purchase orders, submitting invoices and receiving payments. Contractor recommendations must be approved by the ITMO Procurement Officer. Dealers must be found to be responsive and responsible by the State, otherwise all sales will go through the Contractor on behalf of the Dealer. The Dealer will report all sales to the Contractor and the Contractor will remain solely responsible for all reporting and fee payments in either circumstance.
Authorized Dealers. “Authorized Dealers” means any distributor, dealer, OEM customer, VAR customer, VAD customer, systems integrator or other agent that on or after the Closing Date is authorized by Purchaser or any of its Subsidiaries to market, advertise, sell, lease, rent, service or otherwise offer Licensed Products.
Authorized Dealers. Authorized Dealers" means any distributor, dealer, OEM customer, VAR customer, VAD customer, systems integrator or other agent that on or after the Separation Date is authorized to market, advertise, sell, lease, rent, service or otherwise offer Palm Business Products. Palm will provide 3Com a list of the then current Authorized Dealers within a reasonable period after 3Com's request.
Authorized Dealers. Licensee shall provide to Licensor within 10 ------------------ days after the expiration of each calendar quarter during the term of this Agreement a list of all Authorized Dealers. Licensor shall have the right, exercisable in its reasonable discretion, to give Licensee written notice requiring Licensee to terminate any Authorized Dealer that Licensor reasonably believes is not in compliance with the Quality Standards (after notice of such non-compliance and a reasonable opportunity to cure has been granted to such Authorized Dealer) effective no later than 30 days from the date such written notice is given by Licensor to Licensee. All Authorized Dealers shall be bound by Licensor's Quality Standards and by Licensee's obligations under this Agreement. A breach by any such Authorized Dealer of this Agreement shall be deemed a breach of this Agreement by Licensee; provided that Licensee's termination of such breaching Authorized Dealer shall be deemed to cure any such breach.
Authorized Dealers. Pursuant to the distribution agreement between each Fund and us, we have agreed to use our best efforts to enter into arrangements with selected securities dealers to solicit from the public orders to purchase Shares. You are hereby invited to become one of such securities dealers (each such securities dealer, an "AUTHORIZED DEALER"). This will confirm our mutual agreement as to the terms and conditions applicable to your participation as an Authorized Dealer, such agreement to be effective on your confirmation hereof. You understand (a) that we may, at any time at our option, also act as an Authorized Dealer, (b) that we are seeking to enter into this Agreement in counterparts with you and certain other securities dealers, which also may act as Authorized Dealers, (c) that, except as we may otherwise agree with you, we may enter into agreements (which may or may not be the same as this Agreement) with Authorized Dealers, (d) that each Fund and we may modify, suspend, terminate or withdraw entirely the offering of Shares at any time without giving notice to you pursuant to Section 11 and without incurring any liability or obligation to you, (e) that we may upon notice change the public offering price, sales load, or dealer allowance or modify, cancel or change the terms of this Agreement, and (f) we shall be under no liability to you except for lack of good faith and for obligations expressly assumed by us herein. All purchases of Shares from, and redemptions of Shares by, the applicable Fund shall be effected through us acting as principal underwriters on behalf of the applicable Fund. (You understand that we shall have no obligation to sell Shares to you at such times as we are not acting as distributor and principal underwriter for the applicable Fund.)
Authorized Dealers. Contractor shall provide the contract manager a list of dealers authorized to provide services under this Agreement in the State of Florida. Copies of dealer agreements executed by independent dealers who are authorized to provide services hereunder will be provided to the State of Florida and kept on file by Contractor. Updates and changes to the authorized dealer list will be sent to the contract manager. IN W ITNESS HEREOF, the parties have executed this Addendum as of the date of execution by both parties below. Participating State: State of Florida Contractor: MICHELIN NORTH AMERICA, INC. By: By: Name: Xxxx Xxxxxxx Name: Title: Secretary Title: Date: Date:
Authorized Dealers. The Manager shall only trade with brokers or dealers who are listed on Exhibit C to the Agreement, which list may be amended from time to time by the FRBNY. The Manager shall not be liable for any act or omission of any brokerage firm or firms listed on Exhibit C in effect at the time the Manager initiates a trade or other transaction with such brokerage firm or firms. The brokers and dealers listed in Exhibit C have all entered into a Master Securities Forward Transaction Agreement (“MSFTA”) with the FRBNY. The Manager’s transactions with such brokers or dealers will be undertaken pursuant to the terms set forth in the MSFTA. The FRBNY has requested that the brokers and dealers in Exhibit C complete an acknowledgment of Manager’s authority to execute trades under the FRBNY MSFTA. FRBNY will notify Manager when such a broker or dealer has completed the acknowledgement and therefore is available for trade execution.
Authorized Dealers. AI Corporate Interiors 0000X Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx, XX 00000 Contact: Xxxxx Xxxxxx Interior Elements 0000 0xx Xxxxxx Xxxxx, xxxxx 000 Xxxxxxxxxx, XX 00000 Contact: Xxxxx Xxxxxxx
Authorized Dealers. The Contractor may name dealers to represent the manufacturer for sales, service, warranty, and other responsibilities on the Contractor’s behalf for State of Ohio agencies, DAS Cooperative Purchasing Program members and other entities authorized to use this Addendum to make purchases. Named dealers must be designated by completion of the Contractor Authorization of a Dealer letter. If a Contractor elects to designate authorized dealer, the authorized dealer must: