Securities Dealers Sample Clauses

Securities Dealers. Subject to the REIT’s right to retain Other Managers and the REIT’s right to limit the Manager’s authorizations in the REIT’s discretion from time to time, the Manager is authorized, for and on behalf, and at the sole cost and expense of the REIT, to employ such securities dealers (including Affiliates of the Manager) for the purchase and sale of the REIT’s Mortgage Assets managed by the Manager as may, in the reasonable judgment of the Manager, be necessary to obtain the best commercially available net results taking into account such factors as the policies of the REIT, price, dealer spread, the size, type and difficulty of the transaction involved, the firm’s general execution and operational facilities and the firm’s risk in positioning the securities involved. Consistent with this policy, and subject to the foregoing caveats with respect to the REIT’s rights, the Manager is authorized to direct the execution of the REIT’s portfolio transactions to dealers and brokers furnishing statistical information or research deemed by the Manager to be reasonably necessary to the performance of its investment advisory functions for the REIT.
Securities Dealers. By giving notice as hereinafter specified before the time this Agreement becomes effective, you, as Representatives of the several Underwriters, or the Company, may prevent this Agreement from becoming effective without liability of any party to any other party, except that the provisions of Section 4(h) and Section 6 hereof shall at all times be effective.

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  • Nasdaq The Securities shall have been approved for listing on Nasdaq, subject to official notice of issuance and evidence of satisfactory distribution, satisfactory evidence of which shall have been provided to the Representative.