Section 3.9 Sample Clauses

Section 3.9. 47 Employees working in kitchen areas and around food will be expected to conform to the attached 48 standards. 3 5 Section 4.1. A R T I C L E I V RIGHTS OF THE ASSOCIATION 6 The Association has the right and responsibility to represent the interests of all employees in the unit; to 7 present its views to the District on matters of concern, either orally or in writing; to consult or to be 8 consulted with respect to the formulation, development, and implementation of industrial relations matters 9 and practices as set forth in Article V.
Section 3.9. 37 Employees who administer student catheterization services shall be provided the training and right of 38 refusal described in RCW 28A.210.280. 39 40 Section 3.10. 41 Employees shall receive compensation at their regular hourly rate for attendance at all required 42 meetings. 43 44 45 46 47 48 1 2 3 4 5 Section 4.1.
Section 3.9. 41 Employees assigned duties for a student with diabetes, under the parameters of RCW 28A.210.330 (2) 42 (a, b) and employees who administer student catheterization services to a student under RCW 43 28A.210.280, shall be provided the training and right of refusal as described in the respective codes. 44 45 1 A R T I C L E I V 3 RIGHTS OF THE ASSOCIATION
Section 3.9. 42 Supervisors and PSE members shall conduct themselves with dignity and respect for each other’s 43 rights, duties and privileges. In their relationships with each other, every effort should be made to 44 avoid words or actions that do not adhere to the District’s professional values and beliefs. Per 45 established District policy, violations are to be handled under Procedure 5270.
Section 3.9. 42 The primary purpose of video cameras being installed on District property and school buses is to 43 provide staff and students with a higher level of security and to maintain student discipline. Video 44 cameras will not be used for employee supervision. Written notification will be clearly posted at 45 locations where video cameras have been installed. Employees and their representatives will be 46 allowed to review the videotape(s) when there is an issue of student or employee misconduct.
Section 3.9. 14 In accordance with RCW 28A.210.330(2), the District shall provide training for any employee providing 15 care for any student with diabetes, and no employee shall be coerced into filing a written consent to serve 16 as a “parent-designated adult” within the meaning of this statute. 18 Section 3.10. 19 In accordance with RCW 28A.210.280, employees assigned the duty of providing clean, intermittent 20 bladder catheterization as a specific part of their job description shall receive training in the activity and 21 shall have agreed in writing to provide the service. If the job posting and description that the employee 22 was hired under does not include providing catheterization services, they shall have the right of refusal.
Section 3.9. 42 The District may request proof of immunizations from its employees. Once immunization records have 43 been provided to the District such records shall be maintained at the district office. No specific vaccine 44 shall be required as a condition of employment unless ordered by the Washington State Department of 45 Health, unless there is a medical, religious, or philosophical objection as per law. Employees without 46 required vaccinations may only be excluded from the work site if so, ordered by the Washington State 47 Department of Health.
Section 3.9. 48 Consistent with RCW 28A.320.100, if an employee in this bargaining unit is sued in relation to his/her 49 employment, the board of directors may grant a request by the employee that the District and/or its 1 insurance carrier defend the claim and bear the costs of defense, attorney’s fees, and any obligation for 2 payment arising from such action provided that the employee was acting in good faith and within the 3 scope of his/her employment with the District.
Section 3.9. Representatives of the Union, upon making their presence known to the District, shall have 2 access to the District premises during business hours; provided, that conferences or meetings between 3 employees and Union representatives will not interfere with the employees' normal duties.
Section 3.9. Section 3.9 of the Credit Agreement is amended and restated in its entirety to read as follows: