CONTRACT REQUIREMENTS. When procuring property and services under this Master Agreement, the State must follow the same policies and procedures it uses for procurements from its non- Federal funds, as described in 2 CFR 200.317.
CONTRACT REQUIREMENTS. StadCo shall cause, and has caused, all contracts CONFIDENTIAL to which StadCo is a direct party with any contractor regarding the construction of any Project Improvements Work (including the Design-Build Agreement) (Aa) to be entered into with a Qualified Contractor, (Bb) to require such contractor to perform such Project Improvements Work in a good and workmanlike manner, (Cc) to comply with the terms of Section 31(1)(c), Section 31(2), Section 31.5, and Section 36(1)(c) of the Act, (Dd) to name the Authority as an additional insured and indemnified party, and (Ee) to provide the Authority is a third party beneficiary thereof. Further, StadCo shall cause all contracts to which StadCo is a direct party with any architect or design professional regarding any Project Improvements Work to be entered into with a Qualified Design Professional and to permit the Authority to use (but not own) any plans and specifications to which StadCo is then entitled pursuant thereto. Further, StadCo shall cause the Design-Build Agreement to (Aa) provide for no less than statutory retainage in accordance with the then current requirements of Applicable Law, (Bb) provide for a customary warranty that the Project Improvements Work covered by such agreement will be warranted from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of at least one (1) year from the date of Final Completion of such Project Improvements Work (unless a longer period of time is provided for by the manufacturer or supplier of any materials or equipment which is a part of such Project Improvements) and an assignment to the Authority of the right to enforce such warranty as to any Project Improvements, to the same extent as if the Authority were a party to the contract, (Cc) cover all of the Project Improvements Work through Final Completion, (Dd) provide for a fixed price or a guaranteed maximum price for all such work, (Ee) be bonded by a Qualified Surety pursuant to statutory payment and performance bonds (the “Stadium Construction Contract Bond”) or obtain a parent guaranty from a creditworthy parent entity of the Design-Builder with the financial ability to pay sums should they become due under such guaranty, as reasonably determined by the FinanceCo Agent (the “Design-Builder Parent Guaranty”), in each case naming the Authority as a co-obligee, (Ff) require that upon Substantial Completion, StadCo will continue to retain sufficient amounts to complete the Project Improvements Work in order to achiev...
CONTRACT REQUIREMENTS. To use the Service, you must (a) be an individual at least 18 years of age or a legally- formed entity; (b) have a postal mailing address in the United States and a valid and active e-mail address; (iii) have a valid eligible Billing Account with Zions Bancorporation, N.A.; and (iv) be a United States resident. Other restrictions may apply.
CONTRACT REQUIREMENTS. Any contract under this agreement must be awarded following ’s established procurement procedures, to ensure free and open competition, and avoid any conflict of interest (or appearance of a conflict). must maintain cost and price analysis documentation for potential U.S. Forest Service review. is/are encouraged to utilize small businesses, minority-owned firms, and women’s business enterprises. GOVERNMENT-FURNISHED PROPERTY. may only use U.S. Forest Service property furnished under this agreement for performing tasks assigned in this agreement. shall not modify, cannibalize, or make alterations to U.S. Forest Service property. A separate document, Form AD-107, must be completed to document the loan of U.S. Forest Service property. The U.S. Forest Service shall retain title to all U.S. Forest Service-furnished property. Title to U.S. Forest Service property must not be affected by its incorporation into or attachment to any property not owned by the U.S. Forest Service, nor must the property become a fixture or lose its identity as personal property by being attached to any real property.
CONTRACT REQUIREMENTS. (1) On all subcontracts exceeding $100,000 the Construction Manager may require subcontractors to provide a 100% performance bond and a 100% labor and material payment bond from a surety company authorized to do business in the State of Florida by the Department of Insurance. If the Construction Manager wishes to award subcontracts to Contractors unable to supply this bonding, he may request special authorization to do so from the Owner.
CONTRACT REQUIREMENTS. Contracts between Florida school boards and an Approved Virtual Instruction Provider require certain provisions to be included (see, § 1002.45 (4) F. S.)
CONTRACT REQUIREMENTS. In accordance with section 7(c) of your employment agreement, Axion can terminate your employment without good reason at any time with Two (2) weeks written notice. Your employment is hereby terminated on (insert date). You will receive Twenty six (26) weeks of pay in the amount of $(xx,xxx.xx) in your final paycheck for the period ending (insert date) which will be mailed to your home address on (insert date).
CONTRACT REQUIREMENTS. The Contractor shall be an Authorized OEM Dealer or Distributor and must be certified by the OEM for the application to perform these repairs. The Contractor shall have sufficient plant capacity, factory trained and skilled labor, parts and shop equipment necessary to perform the required repairs. In addition, the Contractor shall be able to perform the repair work at either their own facility or at one of Pace’s facilities. Contractor’s shall abide by all Pace policies and procedures while working onsite. The Contractor shall be required to start repairs within twenty-four (24) hours of notification by Pace Maintenance Technical Service staff. The work under this Contract is critical to the availability of Pace buses for revenue service, delay in completion of this work will impact Pace’s ability to provide service, inconvenience to the riding public and affect Pace’s operating costs. Therefore, the Contractor shall be liable for payment to Pace the sum of one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00) per bus for each 24-hour period that the Contractor fails to respond to Pace’s request for repairs. Such monies shall be paid as liquidated damage, not a penalty, to partially cover the loss of revenue and expenses to Pace. Pace may recover such liquidated damages by deducting the amount therefore out of any monies (invoices) due or that may become due to the Contractor. The Contractor shall provide copies of certifications and licenses of technicians / mechanics. The Contractor shall only assign staff that have been factory trained / certified by the manufacturer to perform repairs. The Contractor shall e-mail daily status reports to Pace Maintenance Technical Service staff assigned to this project. The Contractor shall provide to Pace Maintenance Technical Service staff the following documentation for each repair. 2- copies of the invoice‌ 1 - copy of the Technicians report 1 - copy of internet travel / maps & showing mileage route used The Contractor shall have the ability to file warranty claims on behalf of Pace for repairs on Cummins Engines and Xxxxxxx Transmissions. Pace shall inspect the facilities of potential Contractors and determine their capabilities to complete the work required. Contractor’s facilities shall meet all local building codes to perform repairs to Pace owned CNG powered buses. Approval shall be at Pace’s sole discretion. Pace Maintenance Technical Service staff shall have the right to communicate with the contractors’ technicians preforming...