Section 3.1 definition

Section 3.1. Purpose” represented that “[t]he Borrower [EMATUM] shall apply all amounts borrowed by it under the Facility towards the financing of the Project and the general corporate purposes of the Borrower.” The loan agreement defined the Project as “the purchase of fishing infrastructure, comprising of 27 vessels, an operations centre [sic] and related training.”
Section 3.1. Effective Time" Section 2.2 "EIF" Introductory paragraph "Indemnified Party" Section 6.3 "Indemnifying Party" Section 6.3 "Indemnity Obligation" Section 6.3 "Liability" Section 4.1(h)
Section 3.1. The definition of "Major Subsidiary" shall exclude Public Service Company of New Hampshire and North Atlantic Energy Corporation for all completed fiscal years of NU ending on or before December 31, 1998. Furthermore, the term "Major Subsidiary" shall be limited to Western Massachusetts Electric Company, a Massachusetts corporation; The Connecticut Light and Power Company, a Connecticut corporation; Public Service Company of New Hampshire, a New Hampshire corporation; and North Atlantic Energy Corporation, a New Hampshire corporation, so long as each of these Subsidiaries from time to time either holds more than ten percent (10%) of the consolidated assets of Guarantor and its Subsidiaries (as defined in Section 3.1 of the Note Agreement), or accounts for more than ten percent (10%) of the consolidated earnings of Guarantor and its Subsidiaries, both tests measured as of the end of the most recently completed fiscal year of Guarantor.

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  • Data related to the “extensions schemas” will be included in the deposit file described in Part A, Section 3.1 of this Specification.

  • Unless otherwise agreed by Registry Operator and ICANN, the file will be made available for download by ICANN in the same manner as the data specified in Section 3.1 of this Specification.

  • The Placement Agent shall be the third party beneficiary of the representations and warranties of the Company in Section 3.1 and the representations and warranties of the Purchasers in Section 3.2. This Agreement is intended for the benefit of the parties hereto and their respective successors and permitted assigns and is not for the benefit of, nor may any provision hereof be enforced by, any other Person, except as otherwise set forth in Section 4.8 and this Section 5.8.

  • Except as otherwise specified as contemplated by Section 3.1 for Securities of any series, interest on the Securities of each series shall be computed on the basis of a 360-day year of twelve 30-day months.

  • Specific evaluation criteria are listed in Section 3.1 METHOD OF AWARD.Upon completion of the evaluation process, the State will make Award(s) based on the evaluation and post the award(s) to IPS under the IFB number for this solicitation.

  • Registered/compounding Contractor/supplier should produce GST Invoice containing all the particulars stated in Rule 46 of the CGST Rules, 2017 in accordance with the provisions of Section 31 of the CGST ACT.

  • USBFS shall keep records relating to the services to be performed hereunder in the form and manner, and for such period, as it may deem advisable and is agreeable to the Trust, but not inconsistent with the rules and regulations of appropriate government authorities, in particular, Section 31 of the 1940 Act and the rules thereunder.

  • The provisions of this Article shall be applicable to any sinking fund for the retirement of Securities of any series except as otherwise specified as contemplated by Section 3.1 for such Securities.

  • Any such election shall be evidenced by a Board Resolution or in another manner specified as contemplated by Section 3.1 for such Securities.

  • Except as otherwise provided as contemplated by Section 3.1 with respect to any series of Securities, interest on any Security which is payable, and is punctually paid or duly provided for, on any Interest Payment Date shall be paid to the Person in whose name that Security (or one or more Predecessor Securities) is registered at the close of business on the Regular Record Date for such interest.

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Section 3.1. Closing Date" Section 3.1 "Company" Preamble "Xxxxxxxx Redemption Agreement" Recitals "Exclusivity Period" Section 6.1 "Final Termination Date" Section 11.1 "Financial Advisor" Section 4.25 "Financial Statements" Section 4.3.1 "Government Approvals" Section 7.3 "Government Contract" Section 4.20 "Government Subcontract" Section 4.20 "Hazardous Substance" Section 4.18 "Insurance Policies" Section 4.13 "Intangibles" Section 4.9 "Interim Financials" Section 4.3.1. "Investor" Preamble "Investor Warrants" Recitals "IRS" Section 4.15.4 "Leases" Section 4.7.2 "Losses" Section 9.1 "Pro Formas" Section 4.3.1 "Projections" Section 4.3.1 "Put Right" Recitals "Purchased Securities" Recitals "Xxxxxxx Redemption Agreement" Recitals "Reorganization" Recitals "Seller Warrants" Section 2.2 "Shattan Warrants" Recitals "Six Month Financials" Section 4.3.1 "Warrant" Recitals "Year End Financials" Section 4.3.1
Section 3.1. Initiating Holders" Section 9.2 "Majority Requesting Holders" Section 9.2 "Management Designated Directors" Section 2.1 "Material Loan Agreement" Section 4.2 "Non-Complying Stockholder" Section 9.2 "Participating Seller" Section 6.1; 7.1 "Physicians" Recitals "Physician Stockholders" Recitals "Purchase Agreement" Recitals "Proposed Seller" Section 6; 6.1 "Proposed Buyer" Section 6; 7.1 "Proposed Initial Management Subscription" Recitals "Public Offering" Section 9.1 "Purchase Agreement" Recitals "Registrable Securities" Section 9.2 "Registrable Bain Investor Securities" Section 7.2 "Rule 144" Section 1.1.35 "Sale" Section 7; 7.1 "Sale Percentage" Section 7; 7.1 "Stockholders" Preamble "Tag Along Notice" Section 7.1 "Tag Along Offerees" Section 7.1
Section 3.1. Sale Offeree" Section 3.4.1 "Sale Notice" Section 3.4.1 "Subscribers" Preamble "Shareholder Call Group" Section 5.1 "Shareholders" Preamble "Subject Securities" Section 7 "Tag Along Notice" Section 3.1.1 "Tag Along Offer" Section 3.1.2 "Tag Along Offerors" Section 3.1.1 "Tag Along Sale Percentage" Section 3.1.1 "Trusts" Preamble
Section 3.1. Closing Date" Section 3.1 "Company" Preamble "Final Termination Date" Section 11.1 "Financial Advisor" Section 4.25 "Financial Statements" Section 4.3.1 "Government Approvals" Section 7.3 "Government Contract" Section 4.20 "Government Subcontract" Section 4.20 "Hazardous Substance" Section 4.18 "Insurance Policies" Section 4.13 "Intangibles" Section 4.9 "Interim Financials" Section 4.3.1. "Investor" Preamble "IRS" Section 4.15.4 -25-

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  • Section 4(2) shall have the meaning set forth in the recitals of this Agreement.

  • Section 2 Nonresident BIDDER" means a BIDDERS whose principal place of business is not in this state, but excludes a contractor whose ultimate parent company or majority owner has its principal place of business in this state.

  • Section 3 means Section 3 of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968.

  • Article 55 BRRD means Article 55 of Directive 2014/59/EU establishing a framework for the recovery and resolution of credit institutions and investment firms.

  • Section 102 means section 102 of the Ordinance and any regulations, rules, orders or procedures promulgated thereunder as now in effect or as hereafter amended.

  • Section 1 Blocking Event" Section 2.5(a)(vi) "By-laws" Section 5.2(a) "Business Intellectual Property" Section 1 "Business Trade Secrets" Section 5.18(j) "Capital Demand Notice" Section 1 "Capital Stock" Section 1 "Certificate of Incorporation" Section 5.2(a) "Claims" Section 9.1(a) "Closing Date" Section 1 "Code" Section 5.11 "Commission" Section 2.4(d) "Commitment Period" Section 1 "Common Stock" Recitals "Company" Preamble "Company Permits" Section 5.6 "Condition Precedent Date" Section 3.1 "Deemed Receipt" Section 3.3 "Designated Officer" Section 1 "DTC" Section 2.4(b) "Due Diligence Materials" Section 3.2(a) "Due Diligence Period" Section 1 "Due Diligence Request List" Section 1 "DWAC" Section 2.4(b) "Environmental Laws" Section 5.13 "ERISA" Section 5.11 "Exchange Act" Section 1 "GAAP" Section 5.8(a) "Governmental Entity" Section 1 "Hard Floor Price" Section 1 "Hazardous Substance" Section 5.13 "Indemnified Damages" Section 9.1(a) "Indemnified Party" Section 9.1(b) "Indemnified Person" Section 9.1(a) "Intellectual Property" Section 1 "Intellectual Property Contracts" Section 1 "Knowledge" Section 1 "Licensed Intellectual Property" Section 1 "Liens" Section 5.15 "Material Adverse Effect" Section 1 "Material Contracts" Section 5.14(a) "Maximum Draw Down Amount" Section 1 PROVISIONAL PATENT APPLICATION HAS BEEN FILED

  • Section 504 Plan means a student’s individualized plan developed by the student’s Section 504 multidisciplinary team after a pre-placement evaluation finding the student is disabled within the meaning of Section 504 and its implementing regulations.

  • Section 504 means section 504 of the Act.

  • Section 8 means Section 8(c)(2)(A) of the United States Housing Act of 1937, as amended.

  • Section 302 Requirements Any rules or regulations promulgated pursuant to the Xxxxxxxx-Xxxxx Act of 2002 (as such may be amended from time to time).

  • Paragraph 3 The use of new instructional materials and classroom presentations that may involve controversial issues should be planned by the individual teacher and discussed with the department chairman and the building principal before they are initiated in the classroom.

  • Section 404 means Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and the SEC’s rules and regulations promulgated thereunder.

  • Gross beta particle activity means the total radioactivity due to beta particle emission as inferred from measurements on a dry sample.

  • Section 5 Shall have the meaning set forth in Section 5(f) of Attachment A (Description of Generation, Conversion and Storage Facility) to this Agreement.

  • Paragraph 4 The teacher, not the Board, has the responsibility to initiate a change or the termination of the purchase of tax-deferred annuities in accordance with established Board policies.

  • Section 1110 means Section 1110 of the Bankruptcy Code.

  • Section 385 Expanded Group shall have the meaning set forth in Treasury Regulation Section 1.385-1(c)(4) for an “expanded group”.

  • Subsection means subsection of the section in which the term is used;

  • Gross alpha particle activity means the total radioactivity due to alpha particle emission as inferred from measurements on a dry sample.

  • Paragraph 2 A committee of teachers representing all buildings and curriculum areas and working in cooperation with the district leadership team shall be formed prior to the end of the school each year to plan the in-service activities for the next school year.

  • Additional Xxxx of Sale means each document, in the form of Attachment D hereto, executed by an authorized officer of VL Funding, the VL Funding Eligible Lender Trustee on behalf of VL Funding, Funding and the Interim Eligible Lender Trustee on behalf of Funding which shall: (i) set forth the list and certain terms of (a) Additional Loans offered by VL Funding and the VL Funding Eligible Lender Trustee on behalf of VL Funding and accepted for purchase by the Interim Eligible Lender Trustee for the benefit of Funding, including the Additional Loans Purchase Price for the Additional Loans being sold thereunder or (b) Substituted Loans substituted by VL Funding and (ii) sell, assign and convey to Funding and the Interim Eligible Lender Trustee, for the benefit of Funding, and their assignees, all right, title and interest of VL Funding and of the VL Funding Eligible Lender Trustee on behalf of VL Funding in the Additional Loans or Substituted Loans, as applicable, listed on the related Additional Xxxx of Sale and (iii) certify that the representations and warranties made by VL Funding and the VL Funding Eligible Lender Trustee on behalf of VL Funding pursuant to Sections 5(A) and (B) of these Master Terms, by the Servicer as set forth in Section 5(C) and by the Interim Eligible Lender Trustee as set forth in Section 5(D) are true and correct.

  • Additional Effective Date means the date the Additional Registration Statement is declared effective by the SEC.

  • hereinabove, hereinbelow," "hereof," "hereunder" and words of similar import shall be to this Agreement in its entirety and not only to the particular Exhibit, Article, or Section in which such reference appears.

  • This means we liquidate purchase payments in the order they were made: the oldest unliquidated purchase payment first, the next oldest unliquidated purchase payment second, etc., until all purchase payments have been liquidated. The surrender charge as to any liquidated purchase payment is determined by multiplying the amount of the purchase payment being liquidated by the applicable percentage shown in the Schedule. The total surrender charge will be the sum of the surrender charges for each purchase payment being liquidated. In a partial withdrawal, the surrender charge is deducted from the Account Value remaining after you are paid the amount requested. The amount requested from a Sub-Account may not exceed the value of that Sub-Account less any applicable surrender charge. In a complete withdrawal (or surrender of this Contract), it is deducted from the amount otherwise payable. CHARGES -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The types and amounts of charges and when and how they are deducted are described in the Schedule. OWNER, ANNUITANT AND BENEFICIARY -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Owner - You are the Owner of this Contract. You have the rights and options described in this Contract, including but not limited to the right to receive the income payments beginning on the Income Date. One or more people may own this Contract. The Annuitant - Unless another Annuitant is shown in the Schedule, you are also the Annuitant. You may name a Contingent Annuitant. You will be the Contingent Annuitant unless you name someone else. If there are joint Owners, we will treat the youngest Owner as the Contingent Annuitant, unless you elect otherwise. If you are not the Annuitant and the Annuitant dies before the Income Date, the Contingent Annuitant becomes the Annuitant. If the Annuitant dies and no Contingent Annuitant has been named, we will allow you sixty days to designate someone other than yourself as Annuitant. The Beneficiary - We pay the death benefit to the primary Beneficiary (unless there are joint Owners in which case proceeds are payable to the surviving Owner). If the primary Beneficiary dies before the Owner, the death benefit is paid to the Contingent Beneficiary, if any. If there is no surviving Beneficiary, we pay the death benefit to the Owner's estate. One or more persons may be named as primary Beneficiary or Contingent Beneficiary. We will assume any death benefit is to be paid in equal shares to the multiple surviving Beneficiaries unless you specify otherwise. You have the right to change Beneficiaries. However, if you designate the primary Beneficiary as irrevocable, you may need the consent of that irrevocable Beneficiary to exercise the rights and options under this Contract. Change of Owner, Beneficiary or Annuitant - During your lifetime and while this Contract is in force you can transfer ownership of this Contract or change the Beneficiary, or change the Annuitant. (However, the Annuitant cannot be changed after the Income Date.) To make any of these changes, you must send us Satisfactory Notice. If accepted, any change in Owner, Beneficiary or Annuitant will take effect on the date you signed the notice. Any of these changes will not affect any payment made or action taken by us before our acceptance. A change of Owner may be a taxable event and may also affect the amount of death benefit payable under this Contract. DEATH BENEFITS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Death Benefit Before the Income Date - If any Owner dies before the Income Date, we will pay the Beneficiary the greatest of the following:

  • Article 9 means Article 9 of the UCC.

  • Section 404 Report means management’s report on “internal control over financial reporting” as defined by the SEC and the related attestation report of the independent certified public accountant as described in Section 3(A)(1).