Association Days Sample Clauses

Association Days. The Association shall be provided a total of twenty-two (22) days during the school year of released time to conduct Association business with a maximum of seven (7) used on any given day. Requests for Association days shall be made in writing and, when at all possible, at least three (3) days prior to such leave and shall be submitted to the Superintendent or his/her designee. The Association shall assume any expense incurred by the hiring of a substitute teacher. A. General Provisions.‌
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Association Days. At the beginning of every school year, the Association shall be credited with a total of seven (7) days to be used by officers or local agents of the Association. The agents are approved by the Association's President. A copy of the appointees shall be made available to the Superintendent no later than the second Friday after school commences. Association days are not cumulative.
Association Days. The Association shall be granted a total of five (5) days annually without loss of compensation or benefits by use of the Association president, or the president’s designee(s) to perform the work of the Association.
Association Days. A total of thirty-five (35) days per contract year without loss of pay shall be granted to the Association for use by any of its authorized representatives to attend conventions, institutes, educational conferences, hearings or meetings. Each year, the Association shall provide to the Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources or the Board Secretary, where applicable, a calendar of pre-scheduled events for which the use of Association days might be required and a list of representatives who might require use of Association days. Nothing herein will preclude the Association from seeking permission to use Association days for events which are not included in the calendar provided. No representative shall be permitted to use more than five (5) Association days. Use of Association days shall be subject to the approval of the Association President and the Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources.
Association Days. For the purpose of this section, it is agreed that the Board and the GSTA will jointly plan and fund two (2) association days per academic year that focus on curriculum and professional development needs of the division. This shall include one half (1/2) day devoted to a GSTA business meeting. The Board shall take the lead role in planning the day in Semester 1 and the GSTA shall take the lead role in planning the day in Semester 2.
Association Days. Upon three (3) days notice being given to the administration, the president of the Association or his designees shall be permitted and allowed five (5) paid teaching days, per year, to attend educational conferences conducted for the benefit of members of the Association,. The choice of which days shall be made by the president of the Association, provided the choice of days does not create an emergency in the educational program.
Association Days. At the beginning of each school year, the Union shall be allowed one (1) day to be used by a bargaining unit member who is an officer or agent of the Union for attendance at the annual 14A Presidents/Delegates Workshop to meet and lobby local legislators. The Union agrees to notify the Superintendent no less than one week in advance of taking such leave.