Association Access Sample Clauses

Association Access. (a) Employees shall have the right at any time to have the assistance of a full time representative(s) of the Association on all matters relating to employer/employee relations. Association representatives shall have access to the employer's premises in order to provide the required assistance. Employees involved in such discussion or investigation of grievances shall not be absent themselves from work except with permission from their supervisor and such permission will not be unreasonably withheld.
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Association Access. The Association shall provide and maintain with the County's Labor Relations Division a current list of the names of all authorized representatives of the Association. An authorized representative shall have the right to contact an individual employee represented by the Association in a County facility during the employee's work hours on matters concerning wages, hours and other terms and conditions of employment. Such a representative shall make arrangements with the County official responsible for the operation of the County facility prior to entering the work location of the employee. The Association official shall have the right to make arrangements for a contact location removed from the work area of the employee.
Association Access. Upon receiving the Employer's approval, officials of the Association shall be allowed to enter building facilities of the Employer to meet with the employees in the bargaining unit during their lunch and/or break period only, provided such visits shall not interfere with the job duties or responsibilities of any employee.
Association Access. Reasonable access to employee work locations shall be granted to Officers of the Association and its authorized representatives for the purpose of processing grievances or contacting members of the Association concerning business within the scope of representation. Such officers or representatives shall not enter any work location without the consent of the City or its authorized representative. Access shall be restricted so as not to interfere with the normal operations of the department or with established safety or security requirements. (AP II-15) The City acknowledges that an employee is entitled to review the contents of their "official" file located in the Management Services Department at reasonable intervals. An employee may request a representative to assist him or her in reviewing said folder. A representative of the Management Services Department will remain present during the employee's review of the file. In addition, an employee is entitled to review the contents of the employee's "Departmental" personnel files by arranging an appointment with a representative of the Police Department.
Association Access. Accredited representatives of the Association, upon proper introduction and notice, shall have reasonable access to the premises of the Employer during all working hours to conduct Association business (with appropriate observation of the security regulations of the Employer).
Association Access. The Association’s authorized staff representatives shall have access to the Employer’s premises where employees covered by this Agreement are working for the purpose of investigating grievances and contract compliance, after notifying the Employer. Access for other purposes shall not be unreasonably denied by the Employer. Such visits shall not interfere with or disturb employees in the performance of their work during working hours.
Association Access. 24. The City shall provide Association reasonable access to all work locations, including employee break areas, to verify compliance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement and to confer with represented employees, provided that such access is subject to the rules and regulations immediately below, as well any rules and regulations agreed to by the City agency or department and the Association.
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Association Access. In the performance of its role as exclusive representative, the Association and its representatives shall have access to Members' Personnel files.
Association Access. A. Authorized Association representatives may be granted access to work locations including all hospital and health care facilities, areas utilized for patient care, treatment, and general work, in which employees covered hereby are employed, for the purpose of conducting grievance investigations and working conditions.
Association Access. Authorized representatives of the Association may visit school property at reasonable times for the purposes of administration of this Agreement. The Association agrees that its representatives shall advise the Superintendent's Office of their need to be on school property immediately upon their arrival and that such visits shall not interfere with the operations of the Employer and the work being performed by the employees.
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