Association Leave Sample Clauses

Association Leave. 3.2.1 For the purpose of furthering the collaborative work of the school district, the Board shall grant leave days to Association members to participate in negotiations and professional council according to the parameters specified in the respective Articles. The cost of these days will be shared equally between the District and the Association. The Board will also grant 10 additional days to members to conduct the business of the Association. These days will be reimbursed by MEA at the current substitute base rate of pay. Additional days may be granted provided they are mutually agreed upon by the Association President and the Superintendent or designee. Written requests for Association leave must be submitted to the School Director at least three (3) days in advance of use unless there is an emergency. In the event of emergency, requests must be submitted as early as possible (by telephone followed by a written request); but, in any event, prior to the use. No more than six (6) teachers District-wide shall be absent to conduct Association business at any one time.
Association Leave. Upon advance written request of the Association, leave shall be granted to supervisors who are elected or appointed by the Association to serve on the Association Negotiating Team. Leave time for service on an Association Negotiating Team shall be considered as paid leave for purposes of vacation leave and sick leave accrual. Association Representatives or other supervisors who may be elected or appointed by the Association to perform duties for the exclusive representative shall be granted time off, provided the granting of such time off does not adversely affect the operations of the supervisor's department or agency. In any case of leave of absence or time off to perform duties for the exclusive representative, the number of supervisors to be granted leaves of absence or time off from any one department or agency may be limited by the Appointing Authority, if the Appointing Authority determines that the number requesting the leave of absence or time off would adversely affect the operations of the department or agency. Upon the written request of the Association, leave shall be granted to supervisors who are elected officers or appointed full-time representatives of the Association. Annually, the Appointing Authority may request the Association to confirm the supervisor's continuation on Association Leave. Any supervisor returning from an approved Association leave of absence as covered by this Section shall be entitled to return to employment in a position in the supervisor's former classification and agency within thirty-five (35) miles of the former position. Upon return from an extended Association leave of absence of one (1) year or more, a supervisor may elect to take a vacancy in the same class/class option within the same agency if the supervisor is determined to be qualified for the position. A supervisor exercising this option shall be subject to a new probationary period. During the Article 15, Section 2 trial period or upon non-certification, the supervisor may exercise return rights described above.
Association Leave. 1. Association representatives shall have a total of five (5) days of paid leave to utilize for local, state, or national conferences, or for conducting other business pertinent to Association affairs. These representatives shall be excused from school duties upon two (2) days advance notification to the superintendent by the Association president. The Association shall pay for any substitutes needed, as determined by the site principal.
Association Leave. At the beginning of every school year, the Association shall be provided with three (3) days of paid leave to be used by employees who are officers or agents of the Association, such use to be at the discretion of the Association. Use of this leave will not be charged to the individual employee’s Discretionary Leave. The Association agrees to notify the Director and building administrator(s) no less than forty-eight (48) hours in advance of taking such leave.
Association Leave. Association leave is leave with pay to attend the conventions of the NEA or OEA. Association leave shall be limited to five (5) days for any bargaining unit employee in an academic year and an aggregate of twenty (20) days per academic year for the bargaining unit as a whole. A minimum of fourteen (14) calendar days written notice shall be provided to the University before taking such leave. Leave is not required and will not be charged when the faculty member is absent on a day when they have no scheduled responsibilities (e.g., teaching, office hours, or committee meetings). Any such absence requires that suitable arrangements, such as outside readings, research papers, or individual study, be made by the faculty member with the approval of the Chair so that studies may continue during the period of absence. If the faculty member and the Department Chair agree that a substitute should be assigned to the classroom for the period of the instructor’s absence, the Chair shall identify and assign a substitute, in accordance with Article 4 (Salaries, Salary Increments, and Rates of Pay) and Article 15 (Workload Activities). The Association shall bear the cost, if any, for such substitute.
Association Leave. The president of the Association and/or his/her designee may be allowed 46 to take up to a total of forty (40) days leave per year to conduct necessary Association business 1 provided written request thereof is submitted in advance to the Superintendent. The full cost of the 2 certified substitute rate of pay shall be paid by the Association for each day of Association leave 3 requested when the leave request is processed. No more than ten (10) days may be used by any 4 one person.
Association Leave. The Association shall be provided a maximum aggregate of ten (10) days leave of absence without loss of pay in any school year for matters related to the Association’s function as a bargaining agent. Days not used shall not be cumulative from year to year. The Association shall pay for any substitutes assigned due to the use of this leave. The cost for such substitutes shall be paid by the Association within thirty (30) days of receipt of a District invoice. Association leave must be requested at least five (5) days in advance, approved by the appropriate administrator, and approved by the Vice Chancellor of Human Resources as to availability of leave time. The use of Association leave shall be accounted for in the same manner as the use of sick leave for a day or portion of a day.
Association Leave. In the event that the Association desires to send repre- sentatives to local, state, or national conferences or any other business pertinent to Association affairs, these representatives will be excused without loss of salary providing the Association reimburses the District for the cost of substitutes. Such requests for Association Leave will be forwarded in writing to the Superintendent through the President of the Association. There will be available to the Association fifteen (15) such days providing that written request for such leave has been submitted to the Superintendent.
Association Leave. Leave will be provided for Association business for the President and/or his/her designees not to exceed five (5) absences in one day. Leave shall be granted upon Association request pending availability of a substitute. Upon request such leave will be subject to approval by the Superintendent. Notification of the leave shall be submitted by the Association president in writing to the Superintendent two (2) days before the leave is to take effect. Leave may be taken incrementally in one-half (1/2) day blocks. The teacher shall be responsible for securing a substitute where necessary, and the cost of the substitute shall be borne by the Association.
Association Leave. The Association will be credited with ten (10) hours each fiscal year (July 1 - June 30) to be used by bargaining unit members designated by the Association to attend functions of the State Association such as conventions or educational conferences. These hours shall not be accumulative from one fiscal year to the next. The Association has the option to purchase six (6) additional hours per fiscal year, provided the Association reimburses the District for the wages of the unit member taking leave for those hours. The Association shall give the District at least five (5) days advance written notice of intent to utilize this leave, indicating the names of those attending and the dates of employee absences. If a substitute is necessary and cannot be obtained or operational needs necessitate denial of said leave, the District may deny the leave.