Vision Insurance Sample Clauses

Vision Insurance. The County will provide and pay all the premiums necessary for WCIF VSP vision insurance.
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Vision Insurance. The District shall provide a vision insurance plan for regular, full-time employees and eligible dependents.
Vision Insurance. The District shall pay one hundred percent of the premium for vision insurance for faculty members working 75% or more of a full-time contract and their eligible dependents. Coverage provided shall meet the specifications on file at the District Business Office.
Vision Insurance. The Corporation shall contribute the amount as provided in the Teacher’s Master Contract to be applied toward vision insurance.
Vision Insurance. The City will provide vision insurance for employees with the cost for single or dependent coverage paid for by the employee.
Vision Insurance. Effective January 1, 2018, the Employer shall pay up to $8.54 per month toward the premium of each employee enrolled in VSP, and up to $17.82 for two-party, and $25.61 for a family.
Vision Insurance. During the term of this Agreement, the Board will pay Sixty-eight and 00/100 Dollars ($68.06) toward the cost of the premium on a single policy and One Hundred Seventy- five and 68/100 ($175.68) of the cost of the premium on a family policy for each Teacher who subscribes to the plan selected for the school corporation.
Vision Insurance. The Board will provide a vision plan and pay twenty dollars ($20.00) per month/per member toward the premium. The plan will provide eye exams and lenses every twelve months and frames every twenty-four months.