Substitute teacher definition

Substitute teacher means an individual teacher or
Substitute teacher means a teacher, as defined in IC 20-18-2-22:

Examples of Substitute teacher in a sentence

  • The Superintendent and Intermediate School Principal recommend Board approval to hire a Grade 4 Permanent Substitute teacher effective for the 2022-2023 school year.

More Definitions of Substitute teacher

Substitute teacher means a teacher employed to replace a teacher who is temporarily absent from regular duties;
Substitute teacher means a licensed teacher who occu- pies temporarily the position of an absent classroom teacher.
Substitute teacher is a teacher or other qualified person engaged on a day- to-day basis to take the place of a person regularly employed as a teacher by the Centre for Education.
Substitute teacher means a person employed to perform the normal duties of a teacher who is absent.
Substitute teacher means a person employed to work on a day to day basis as required to fill short term vacancies of fewer than twenty-one (21) consecutive instructional days arising as a result of the absence of a regular or fixed term teacher or to fill a short term need. Substitute Teachers have no guarantee of ongoing employment.
Substitute teacher means an individual who is employed on a temporary basis to fill in for a teacher on a day to day or long-term basis.
Substitute teacher means an individual employed to take the place of a regular teacher who is temporarily absent.