Association Leaves Sample Clauses

Association Leaves. 1. The Board will provide the Association President or their designee with forty (40) days of paid release time during the course of the school year in order to conduct Association Business. The Association shall reimburse the Board for the cost of any substitute required as the result of any such released time which exceeds forty (40) days during the course of the school year.
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Association Leaves. Release time, without loss of pay, equal to one (1) day per month shall be granted the Association president or his/her designated representative for conducting president business during working hours.
Association Leaves. 14-3-1 The Association will be permitted release time with pay up to seventy
Association Leaves. For the term of this agreement (2010-11 through 2011-12) Association leaves shall be as follows:
Association Leaves. 4.4.1 The Association shall be granted a combined total of seventy (70) days (each day defined as individual employee’s regular work day) leave per year with pay to attend conferences, conventions, workshops, and other meetings of the local, State, and/or National Association, provided that no member shall take more than ten (10) days total per year nor more than five (5) consecutive days for any one conference, except that the President shall be eligible to take up to twenty (20) days per year. Prior notification of absence for Association business must be made by the Association to the District. Separate arrangements will be made with the immediate supervisor to deal with work coverage during their absence and/or make up of the work missed. The Association President shall determine which members will be allowed to use Association leave.
Association Leaves. The Association will be granted twenty-two and a half (22 1/2) days of released time for the President of the Association or his/her designees to conduct business directly related to the operation of the Association. The Association shall have the right to send one (1) delegate per 100 Association members to the IEA and/or NEA Representative Assembly each year. The President shall give reasonable advance notice to the Superintendent, normally not less than two (2) weeks, of the need to use said Association leave days to attend Association meetings outside the District. The Association shall reimburse the District for the full cost of a substitute, if one is retained.
Association Leaves. The Board shall grant, upon the request of the President of the Association, leave without loss of pay or leave days for administrators to attend meetings of the Association or organizations with which it may be affiliated. These days shall not exceed three (3) days per school year in grand total.
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Association Leaves. At the beginning of every school year the Association shall be credited with seven (7) days to be used by teachers for professional development at the discretion of the Association. The Association may purchase seven (7) additional days per year at the cost incurred by the District.
Association Leaves. The Association shall be granted fifty (50) days of leave without loss of pay or fringe benefits to those individual members of the Association using the leave days as authorized by the President. The Association shall bear the full cost of providing substitutes for said leave days. The Association President, upon request, shall be granted release time as a classroom teacher for the length of his/her elected presidency of the WCTA pursuant to the following terms and conditions: • For the purpose of this Negotiated Agreement, a year of the President’s term shall be defined as July 1st through June 30th. • The Association shall submit a request for continuation of the release time to the Board by May 1st prior to the expiration of the President’s term in office. • At least twice a year, the President and Superintendent shall meet to discuss topics of mutual interest. • The WCTA understands and agrees that the Board shall contribute no compensation toward the President’s total salary and benefits. The Association shall reserve the right to deviate the President’s work year from the one outlined in Article 7.2 of the Negotiated Agreement by communicating its intent to the Superintendent in writing or by email no later than June 1st of each school year. The WCTA shall remain responsible for one hundred percent (100%) of the total cost of the President’s salary and benefits for any increased time to the regular teacher work year. • The Association President shall report all absences in the same manner as any regular bargaining unit member. • The Association shall reimburse the Board for the President’s salary and fringe benefits in three (3) increments each school year: December 15th, March 15th, and June 15th. • The President shall have his/her place on the salary scale advanced at the rate of a teacher on active status. • Upon expiration of his/her term in office, the President shall be guaranteed a position within the teacher bargaining unit for which he/she is qualified and approved. Said position shall, if possible, be similar to the one held prior to assuming the presidency.
Association Leaves. A. Upon written request to the Human Resources Department or designee at least twelve (12) employment days in advance, leave of absence with pay shall be granted to staff members who are official delegates to the annual convention of the Illinois Education Association, provided such leave shall not exceed a total of fifteen (15) days for all such delegates.
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