Air Sample Clauses

Air. The Design-Builder shall comply with the provisions of the Contract and the State Air Pollution Control Law and Rules of the State Air Pollution Control Board, including notifications required therein. Precautions shall be taken at all times to prevent particulate matter from becoming airborne according to the State Air Pollution Control Board regulation 9 VAC 5 Chapter 50, Article 1, Standards of Performance for Visible Emissions and Fugitive Dust/Emissions. Burning shall be performed in accordance with all applicable local laws and ordinances and under the constant surveillance of watchpersons. Care shall be taken so that the burning of materials does not destroy or damage property or cause excessive air pollution. The Design- Builder shall not burn rubber tires, asphalt, used crankcase oil, or other materials that produce dense smoke. Burning shall not be initiated when atmospheric conditions are such that smoke will create a hazard to the motoring public or airport operations. Provisions shall be made for flagging vehicular traffic if visibility is obstructed or impaired by smoke. At no time shall a fire be left unattended. Asphalt mixing plants shall be designed, equipped, and operated so that the amount and quality of air pollutants emitted will conform to the rules of the State Air Pollution Control Board
Air. This Lease does not grant any legal rights to “light and air” outside of the Premises nor to any particular view or cityscape visible from the Premises.
Air. Lessor shall provide ductable split air conditioning with CONDITIONING capacity of 204 tons for 24 hours to the Leased Premises as per the requirement of the Lessee. shall pay the electricity consumption charges for the AC. Lessor shall also provide the internal distribution of AC through AHUS, with Grills and False ceiling (Xxxxxxxxx make).
Air. The Contracting Parties shall in view of the role of air in the functioning of natural ecosystems, endeavour to take all appropriate measures towards air quality management compatible with sustainable development.
Air. Air pollution is not allowed, especially in windy weather, with fugitive emissions, e.g. dust particles, glass wool, etc.
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Air. This is a non-project action. Potential erosion associated with future development on these Sites will be evaluated in project-level environmental review. The proposed development agreement requires a combined Green Factor score that exceeds the minimum required by the Seattle Land Use Code. Different methods to achieve the same score may be proposed at a project level, but the minimum overall green factor score must be met or exceeded.
Air. The generation of offensive odor, smoke, dust, and noise is managed to minimise the impact on neighbouring properties.
Air. Until Substantial Completion of Project 4, Contractor shall provide instrument air for testing and operation and compressed air suitable for construction, testing and drying and any other purposes required in connection with performance of the Work. Contractor is able to use permanent instrument air system to support pre-commissioning and commissioning as required. However, such use shall not interfere with the operation of the facility. Execution Copy Phase 3
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