Company Contribution definition

Company Contribution means that portion of the main extension costs which the Company will fund based upon the following formula:
Company Contribution means a contribution made on behalf of a Participant by the Company pursuant to Section 3.7 hereof.
Company Contribution means, for any one Plan Year, the amount determined in accordance with Section 4.04.

Examples of Company Contribution in a sentence

  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company will not change either the amount of the Company Contribution or the rate at which matching contributions are allocated to employees covered by this Agreement, during the term of this Agreement, without the concurrence of the Union.

More Definitions of Company Contribution

Company Contribution means those contributions specified in 3, below, that are made by the Company to the Trust.
Company Contribution means an amount added to a Participant’s Deferred Compensation Account by the Company pursuant to Section 5.4.
Company Contribution means contributions by the Company pursuant to Section 3.2 of this Plan.
Company Contribution means a deemed contribution that is credited to an Eligible Employee’s Account in accordance with the terms of Article 2 hereof.
Company Contribution means the amount of money paid by the Company under the Plan in respect of a Participant as described in Section 5.
Company Contribution means a contribution for a Plan Year made by an Employer to the Trust pursuant to Section 4.01 or Section 4.02, but not Section 5.01, including any amount to be applied from the Unallocated Forfeitures Account in reduction of the contribution which would otherwise be made for the Plan Year involved.