Air Pollution Sample Clauses

Air Pollution. CMR and each Subcontractor shall comply with all State and/or local air pollution control rules, regulations, ordinances, and statutes that apply to any work performed under the Contract. If there is a conflict between the State and local air pollution control rules, regulations, ordinances and statutes, the most stringent shall govern.
Air Pollution. The Contractor agrees to comply with the joint FHWA/FTA regulations, “Air Quality Conformity and Priority Procedures for Use in Federal-Aid Highway”, 49 CFR Part 623. The Contractor agrees to obtain satisfactory assurances that any facilities or equipment acquired, constructed, or improved as a part of this Contract are or will be designed and equipped to limit air pollution as provided in accordance with the following EPA regulations: “Control of Air Pollution from Motor Vehicles and Motor Vehicle Engines,” 40 CFR Part 85; “Control of Air Pollution from New and In-Use Motor Vehicles and New and In-Use Motor Vehicle Engines: Certification and Test Procedures,” with applicable Federally-approved State Implementation Plan(s) (in particular, the Transportation Control Measures); and in accordance with applicable Federal regulations, directives and other standards.
Air Pollution. 11.(1)The provisions of the Clean Air Xxx 0000‑1967 and any subsequent amendments thereof shall be deemed to apply to the smelter site and the smelter and any other building or structure for the time being on the smelter site shall be deemed to be scheduled premises within the meaning of that Act. Accordingly the Corporation agrees that it will duly and punctually comply with the provisions of such Act and will not unless it is exempted by the Air Pollution Control Council from the provisions of Section 33 of the said Act conduct or permit to be conducted on the smelter site any trade industry or process or operate any fuel burning equipment or industrial plant in or on the smelter site in such manner as to cause permit or suffer the emission at any prescribed point of air impurities in excess of the appropriate prescribed standard of concentration and rate of emission.
Air Pollution. Contractor shall conform to all local, state and federal air pollution control rules and regulations which apply to any work performed under this Agreement. This includes, but is not limited to, burning, use of solvents, painting, and liquid asphalt. Contractor shall immediately and continually xxxxx dust nuisance resulting from the work performance or site condition by cleaning, sweeping, sprinkling of water, or other means as approved by the SMUD Contract Manager.
Air Pollution. Pursuant to Section 2449(d)(3) of Title 13 of the California Code of Regulations, Design-Builder shall ensure all self-propelled diesel-fueled vehicles, 25 horsepower and up and not designed to be driven-on road, limit idling to no more than five (5) minutes, except under the following conditions:
Air Pollution. No tenant shall discharge into the air pollutants or contaminants sufficient to create a nuisance, and no processes which by their nature are likely to cause air pollution shall be undertaken or permitted unless there is available an adequate, economically feasible method of controlling the emission of contaminants, and such controls are applied by tenant.
Air Pollution a. Any use of the premises by the LESSEE, which will produce smoke, gas, dust, odor, fumes, aerosols, particles, products of combustion, or other atmospheric pollutant, shall be conducted within a completely enclosed building.