Quality management definition

Quality management means a program of reviews, studies, evaluations, and other activities used to monitor and enhance quality of health care and services provided to members.

Examples of Quality management in a sentence

  • Quality management The principals of Total Quality Management and BS 7850.

  • All the company processes are run within the Integrated Management System (IMS) which is based upon: • Quality management system (QMS) according to EN ISO 9001 • Environment management system (EMS) according to EN ISO 14001 • Occupational health and safety management system according BS OHSAS 18001 Furthermore, the company owns a number of certificates and licences issued by both Czech and foreign authorities, covering all the company’s special activities.

  • The SQE is the primary qualitySourcingSupplier Quality RequirementsImportant: ARSB-O&G-001 has been replaced by BH-SOU-001 (EN) available in the Supplier Center for use.ARSB-O&G-001Rev: 5.2 and technical contact and will be assigned by Sourcing Quality management as appropriate.

  • Quality management documentation assessment conclusion: acceptable.

  • N.L., Jamaludin, K.R., Talib, H.H.A. Quality management effectiveness in Malaysia: A conceptual model for electronics manufacturing services industry ISBEIA 2012 - IEEE Symposium on Business, Engineering and Industrial Applications, 6422882, 2012, pp.258-262.

More Definitions of Quality management

Quality management means a process used by professional health personnel through a formal program involving multiple organizational components and committees to:
Quality management means the co-ordinated activities to direct and control an organisation with regard to quality at all levels within the blood establishment;
Quality management means a methodology used by professional health personnel to assess the degree of conform- ance to desired medical standards and practices and to implement activities designed to continuously improve and maintain quality service and care, and which is performed through a formal program with involvement of multiple organizational components and committees.
Quality management means a planned, systemic, organization-wide approach to the monitoring, analysis, and improvement of organizational performance, thereby continually improving the quality of patient care and services provided and the likelihood of desired patient outcomes.
Quality management means the coordinated activities including quality assurance and quality control used by an organization to ensure that its products, services or activities are delivered with consistent quality;
Quality management means the process, plans and procedures by which IPA or a Plan assures that the quality of care provided to Members meets accepted medical standards. It may involve the establishment of a Quality Care Committee to, among other things, monitor medical services provided to Members and take action in any instance in which the competence or professional conduct of a Participating Provider may be detrimental to patient safety or to the delivery of patient care.