Troubleshooting Sample Clauses

Troubleshooting. Please contact our tech support 24/7 for service issues at 0 (000) 000-0000 relating to internet and telephone.
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Troubleshooting. USER AGENCY agrees that its employees will contact the USER AGENCY Information Technology (IT) Department or representatives before contacting SYSTEM PROVIDER regarding issues related to this Agreement. USER AGENCY agrees that if its IT Department determines there is a problem related to connectivity with SYSTEM PROVIDER, the USER AGENCY will contact SYSTEM PROVIDER's IT Help Desk at (000) 000-0000 and will send an email to After business hours, USER AGENCY may contact the SYSTEM PROVIDER Police Command and Control Center at (000) 000-0000 for assistance. SYSTEM PROVIDER agrees to make reasonable efforts to identify and remediate any problem as quickly as possible; however, SYSTEM PROVIDER does not guarantee any specific uptime, nor is SYSTEM PROVIDER liable for any damages associated with performance under this Agreement, including but in no way limited to any downtime.
Troubleshooting. Contact tech support at 800-668-8413, at any time, for service issues relating to internet and telephone.
Troubleshooting. Company’s Technical Support Team is available 24/7 and may be contacted at 1-800-328-2368 and for technical support related to the Services.
Troubleshooting. Please contact VIBRANT tech support 24/7 for service issues at 320-693- 3231 relating to VIBRANT’s internet and telephone services.
Troubleshooting. If you experience problems, a list of common trouble-shooting tips and further support information may be found below.
Troubleshooting. Both Parties will exercise commercially reasonable efforts to resolve any integration problems within their reasonable control that may arise in a reasonably expeditious manner, and conduct business ethically and professionally.
Troubleshooting. Please contact Velocity tech support 24/7 for service issues at 833- 228-1137 relating to Velocity’s internet, video and telephone services.
Troubleshooting. Vendor will troubleshoot problems with supported operating systems, diagnostic tools, software applications, required tools and network connectivity. Vendor will also perform basic hardware troubleshooting. Application support Contractor will provide applications support which may include the following services:  Installation and updating of software.  Troubleshooting of common problems.  Help with basic usage.  Vendor will provide no support for discouraged or prohibited applications by the PFSA.  Support for the centralized administrative applications is limited to support.  Utilize manuals, online help systems, training CD-ROMs, and other training resources for the applications.  PFSA will be responsible for purchasing software licenses and having media available (if required). Backup support Vendor will provide installation and configuration of backup software. The backup service itself is provided by Contractor and in addition to that Contractor’s staff can assist with restores and act as a liaison with users. Hardware support Vendor will provides hardware diagnosis for supported machines. In addition, Vendor will provide post-warranty work in many cases as well. Vendor staff will perform some basic hardware upgrades at no charge, subject to Hardware supplied by the PFSA; these services would include installing PCI cards and upgrading RAM etc. PFSA will consult with vendor or vice versa. Training Contractor provides trained resources to support PFSA users. Contractor’s staff can evaluate computer training needs for supported users and provide specific recommendations for training classes or materials. In addition, Contractor can provide informal training sessions on supported software for individuals (or small groups). In some cases, Vendor’s staff may provide formal group training for users. via Service Desk support To request support services the User send electronic mail to the appropriate support team's service desk email address In cases in which email is not operational, user may call the Service Desk at 042-xxxxxxxx. Response time Contractor’s goal is to respond to all requests for service as quickly as possible. Contractor prioritizes requests as they come in using the following general guidelines:  Urgent requests are those that meet one or more of the following criteria: o Top Management / key personals o Multiple users are affected. o The user's computer is not functional. o The network is inaccessible. o The user is wo...
Troubleshooting. 9.1. Geocell is obliged to eliminate a damage/defect in the Service under the terms and conditions set by the Regulation.