IT Department definition

IT Department means the Information Technology Department of the City.
IT Department or “ITD” means Information Technology Department.
IT Department means the department responsible for information technology.

Examples of IT Department in a sentence

  • The prevailing percentage of I.T. Department of the gross amount of the bill towards income tax will be deducted from the contractor’s bill.

  • I.T. Department, D&NH, Silvassa with a request to publish in Website.

  • Any incorrect information or suppression of facts may lead to disqualification towards acceptance of the tender.The tender inviting authority reserves the right to accept or reject any of all the application(s) whatsoever.Rates to be quoted against schedule of works as incorporated in Tender Document in at par / percentage (above / below).PAN Card issued by IT Department, Govt.

  • Coordinate workshops and discussion meetings between SPV, State IT Department, State Line Departments, Municipal Corporation Officials, SI, MoUD/ (GoI) etc.

  • Do not download ANYTHING from the Internet without specific permission from the IT Department! Kazaa, Bonzi, Gator, WeatherBug, HotBar, WhenUSave, CommetCursor, WebHancer all appear to have legitimate useful functions.

More Definitions of IT Department

IT Department means the IT Manager and the IT Staff responsible for the administration, installation, and maintenance of the IT Systems [,- (Clevagroup)“IT Manager”means the manager of the IT Department, Chris Martin,;“IT Systems”means desktop and laptop computers, mobile devices, servers, networking equipment and other infrastructure, computing environment, and any and all other relevant equipment;“Malware”means (defined broadly) any type of malicious file, code, or software which performs malicious and unauthorised tasks including, but not limited to, deleting files, stealing data (personal and otherwise), gaining access to systems, changing device settings, and controlling devices and software. Types of malware include, but are not limited to, viruses, worms, trojans, rootkits, keyloggers, spyware, adware, phishing, and ransomware; and“User”means all employees and agents of the Company and any and all third parties authorised to use the IT Systems including, but not limited to, contractors,subscribers andsub-contractors.
IT Department means the City Department responsible for information technology a n d w h o s e r e s p o n s i b i l i t i e s a r e d e s c r i b e d i nS a n D i e g o M u n i c i p a l C o d e s e c t i o n s 2 2 . 1 6 0 1 t h r o u g h 2 2 . 1 6 0 2 .
IT Department means the Information Technology Department, Government of Assam.
IT Department. – means IT Operations Department & Digital Banking Department of South Indian Bank Ltd.
IT Department means the organizational entity responsible for information technology within APEH.
IT Department means the department or individuals within DCEX primarily responsible for the security of electronically stored data.