CUSTOMER MAY Sample Clauses

CUSTOMER MAY. 13.4.1 by at least 30 (thirty) calendar days’ written notice to JourneyApps from time to time make any variations to the Standard Contractual Clauses (including any Standard Contractual Clauses entered into under section 12.1), as they apply to Restricted Transfers which are subject to a particular Data Protection Law, which are required, as a result of any change in, or decision of a competent authority under, that Data Protection Law, to allow those Restricted Transfers to be made (or continue to be made) without breach of that Data Protection Law; and
CUSTOMER MAY. 2.1.1 install and use one copy of the server Software to access a single host server to access a single source database and single target database;


Customer Audit Customer or its independent third party auditor reasonably acceptable to SAP (which shall not include any third party auditors who are either a competitor of SAP or not suitably qualified or independent) may audit SAP’s control environment and security practices relevant to Personal Data processed by SAP only if: (scope as defined in the certificate); or (ii) a valid ISAE3402 and/or ISAE3000 or other SOC1-3 attestation report. Upon Customer’s request audit reports or ISO certifications are available through the third party auditor or SAP;
Customer The agency or eligible user that purchases commodities or contractual services pursuant to the Contract.
Customer Contact Customer will provide Motorola with designated points of contact (list of names and phone numbers) that will be available twenty-four (24) hours per day, seven (7) days per week, and an escalation procedure to enable Customer's personnel to maintain contact, as needed, with Motorola.
Customer Content As part of the Services provided under this Agreement, Customer Data will be stored and processed in the data center region specified in the applicable Ordering Document. Axway shall not access Customer Content except in response to support or technical issues where Customer provides Axway with prior Customer’s written authorization required to access such Customer Content. Axway is not responsible for unauthorized access, alteration, theft or destruction of Customer Content arising from Customer’s own or its authorized users’ actions or omissions in contravention of the Documentation. Customer’s ability to recover any lost data resulting from Axway’s misconduct is limited to restoration by Axway from the most recent back-up.
Customer Contacts Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement or as agreed to in a separate writing by DTI, DTI shall provide the exclusive interface with DTI's end user customers in connection with the marketing or offering of DTI services. Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement, in those instances in which GTE personnel are required pursuant to this Agreement to interface directly with DTI's end users, such personnel shall not identify themselves as representing GTE. All forms, business cards or other business materials furnished by GTE to DTI end users shall bear no corporate name, logo, trademark or trade name other than DTI's. In no event shall GTE personnel acting on behalf of DTI pursuant to this Agreement provide information to DTI end users about GTE products or services. IV-3
Microsoft Microsoft warrants and represents that:
End Users Customer will control access to and use of the Products by End Users and is responsible for any use of the Products that does not comply with this Agreement.
Supplier A manufacturer, fabricator, distributor, supplier, or vendor of goods or equipment in connection with the Work, or any other party having a Contract or Purchase Order with the Contractor or with a Subcontractor to furnish materials or equipment to be incorporated in the Work by the Contractor or a Subcontractor.
Authorized User’s Statement of Work A competitive Mini-Bid is required for every transaction under this Centralized Contract. An Authorized User must prepare a detailed Statement of Work using Appendix F, Attachment 1, Mini-Bid Template. The Authorized User must distribute the Mini-Bid to all qualified Vendors per Lot(s) (unless a Vendor has removed itself from consideration via the Appendix F, Attachment 5, Mini-Bid Participation Interest Template). Contact information, organized by Lot, will be available on the OGS website for this Contract. An Authorized User shall conduct its Mini-Bid in accordance with the requirements set forth in Appendix F, Attachment 2, How to Use this Contract. The following terms and conditions shall apply to each Mini-Bid issued by an Authorized User:  An Authorized User may require the execution of unique forms, such as Confidentiality Non- Disclosure agreements; and  An Authorized User is required to make tentative award and non-award notifications to each Contractor who submitted a response to the Mini-Bid. Additionally, the minimum time, excluding the date of release, between issuance of the Mini-Bid by the Authorized User to the Mini-Bid Opening is as follows:  Lot 1 Mini-Bids: Five (5) Business Days  Lot 2 Mini-Bids: Ten (10) Business Days  Lot 3 Mini-Bids: Fifteen (15) Business Days When applicable, the Statement of Work document should include the following information in sufficient detail:
Customer Services Provide services and systems dedicated to customer service, including billing, remittance, credit, collections, customer relations, call centers, energy conservation support and metering.