General Guidelines Sample Clauses

General Guidelines. 1. Conduct yourself in a responsible manner at all times in the laboratory.
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General Guidelines a. As time permits, each topic will be discussed fully and recommendations made on the topic before proceeding to another topic.
General Guidelines. Individuals who have been laid off or demoted shall be offered re-appointment to the same classification in which they held status in the order of seniority in the classification. Individuals demoted in lieu of reduction in force shall be offered restoration to the highest class in which they held status and in which there is a vacancy prior to the appointment of individuals who have been laid off.
General Guidelines. It is the general policy of Riverton USD 404 that computer network services are to be used in a responsible, efficient, ethical, and legal manner in accordance with the mission of Riverton School District. Users of technology (i.e., computer equipment and network, software, hardware, and any other productivity equipment such as cameras) must acknowledge their understanding of the general policy and guidelines as a condition of use.  Students will have access to forms of media and communication which is in support of education and research and in support of educational goals and objectives of the Riverton School District. Access to media and communication beyond these specific uses will not be supported or allowed.  Students are responsible for their ethical and educational use of the technology resources of the Riverton School District  Access to the Riverton School District technology resources is a privilege and not a right. Each employee, student, and/or parent will be required to follow the rules of the District’s Acceptable Use Policy. Violations of these rules will result in the loss of privileges as well as other disciplinary action as defined by district policies. This policy applies to all district technology, including, but not limited to, computers, laptops, printers, scanners, cameras, video equipment and any related items such as software and Internet access.  Transmission of any material that is in violation of any federal or state law is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to the following: confidential information, copyrighted material, threatening or obscene material, and computer viruses.  Any attempt to alter data, the configuration of a computer, or the files of another user, without the consent of the individual, school administrator, or technology administrator, will be considered an act of vandalism and subject to disciplinary action in accordance with school discipline policy. Remote access to another user’s computer with or without their consent is considered hacking and is strictly prohibited.  Recognizing that it is impossible to define every instance of acceptable and unacceptable use, it will be at the discretion of the network administrators, teachers, and/or school administration to use judgment as to what is acceptable in any undefined instances that may arise. Provisions are listed below:
General Guidelines. 13.2.1 Faculty members undergo an evaluation according to the following status and frequency:
General Guidelines. All the members of the staff or any person authorised to represent our Bank in collection would follow the guidelines set out below:
General Guidelines. The personal use of such University resources is permitted only in compliance with the criteria listed below.
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General Guidelines. When a request for a WA is approved by the RO, the terms and conditions of the WA should clearly be stated within the issued WA offer (such as a policy exception for underage citrus should clearly identify it is to allow insurance for underage citrus). The RO must use consistent terms and conditions on WAs issued in a county where there are similar WA offers (such as, if all conditions are the same, the same rate, yield, etc., should be used for all other similar WA offers). When a WA offer is issued to the AIP by the RO, instructions will be provided to the AIP that indicate it is the AIP’s responsibility to process the WA in accordance with Part 2, Section 4 and Section 5.
General Guidelines. 1. If the Board challenges the arbitrability of a grievance on the grounds that the grievance was not submitted within the required time limits set forth in Step I, this issue may be processed as part of the grievance in accordance with the Grievance Procedure set forth in this Article. Failure at any step of this procedure to appeal a grievance to the next step within the specified time limits shall be considered to be acceptance of the decision rendered at that step. Failure at any step of this procedure to answer a grievance within the specific time limits shall permit the grievant (and the Association with respect to appeals to Step IV) to proceed to the next step.
General Guidelines. Management will determine the number of regular seven and one half (7.5) hour shifts it would retain on the unit should the vote be successful for extended tours.
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