Compatibility Sample Clauses

Compatibility. 1. Any unresolved issue arising from a mutual agreement procedure case otherwise within the scope of the arbitration process provided for in this Article and Articles 25A to 25G shall not be submitted to arbitration if the issue falls within the scope of a case with respect to which an arbitration panel or similar body has previously been set up in accordance with a bilateral or multilateral convention that provides for mandatory binding arbitration of unresolved issues arising from a mutual agreement procedure case.
Compatibility. You are solely responsible for procuring, maintaining and securing your network connections and telecommunications links from your systems (or those provided by a Third-Party Provider) to the Software, and for all problems, conditions, delays, delivery failures, costs and all other loss or damage arising from or relating to your (or any Third-Party Provider’s) network connections, telecommunications links or caused by the internet.
Compatibility. Customer shall ensure its systems, equipment and processes satisfy any Technical Prerequisites and if required to be used in conjunction with the Equipment and the Services, are in good working order (if applicable) and are compatible for use with the Equipment and the Services. Vodafone shall use reasonable endeavours to advise Customer of relevant requirements on request, but in no event shall Vodafone be responsible for any performance or non-performance issues with, or liable to support the Services if Customer’s systems, equipment, or processes fail to satisfy the Technical Prerequisites or are otherwise incompatible with the Services. Vodafone may suspend the provision of any Service for which Technical Prerequisites have not been procured within the specified period and charge Customer any applicable Recovery Charge.
Compatibility. The Contractor shall maintain the capability to prepare documents and software packages compatible with the Government Information Technology (IT) environment through the security classification designated in the TO (which could be up to Top Secret (TS)). The current operating environment for the TOs required for this Contract includes: Microsoft Windows 10 Microsoft Project 2016 Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 or newer Adobe Acrobat XI (reader) Internet access Others if needed The Contractor shall maintain the ability to interface with and transfer data to and from requiring office software applications and their upgraded versions. The Contractor shall maintain state-of-the-art anti-virus software and ensure that all media are virus free when delivered. The Contractor shall be capable of Internet and Local Area Network (LAN) communications with the NAWCAD WOLF infrastructures. Contractor personnel shall be capable of maintaining real- time communications, both voice and data transfer capabilities, with the NAWCAD WOLF during working hours whether at Contractor work site or on travel. Use of a Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation (RDT&E) network may be required to meet the requirements of a TO. The Contractor shall ensure all on-site employees requiring connectivity with the RDT&E network are provided access to computers for development of documentation, databases, and spreadsheet data. These computers shall have sufficient memory, hard disk space, a network interface card, and run a full range of standard software including current versions of Microsoft Windows Operating System and Microsoft Office Professional, when required by the TO. Desktop computer systems shall be set up to allow access to the RDT&E network. Technical support from the manufacturer of the hardware and software must be available. All equipment being connected to the RDT&E network shall meet minimum requirements stated in the current version of non-Navy RDT&E network Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). The use of RDT&E network assets on networks other than the RDT&E network is prohibited. Contractors are mandated by DoD policies to use Government approved client Public Key Infrastructures (PKIs), Class 4 Certificates, for accessing various Government DoD resources. The Contractor shall provide approved client DoD client PKI Class 4 Certificates or Common Access Card (CAC) Badge/CAC Readers. Contractor-Owned (CO) equipment will be permitted connections to Naval Air Syst...
Compatibility. Contractor warrants that, if the Module, in whole or in part, is replaced or upgraded by Contractor with replacement or upgraded components provided by Contractor, or Contractor provides Custom Software Deliverables or Enhancements, the Custom Software shall be integrated into the rest of the Module and the MPATH, and the upgraded, replaced, and modified Software will operate with the rest of the Software, Equipment and Data in the Module and the MPATH, including without limitation, Custom Software and Third-Party Software and Enhancements, without loss of any Functions and Services, as provided in the Specifications, and without Deficiencies. If the Department decides to produce Enhancements or to upgrade any of the Third-Party Software which is used as part of the Module or which interfaces with the Module with new versions or releases, Contractor will, at no additional cost to the Department install and maintain the Module, in whole and in part, to operate in accordance with its Specifications and to be compatible with the Enhancements and new versions or releases of the Third-Party Software, so long as the Department uses industry standard integration.
Compatibility. You are solely responsible for provisioning, configuration and maintenance of all equipment on your premises, including, without limitation, computers, modems and other communications equipment. DC shall not be responsible for delays in the provision of Service resulting from incompatibility of such equipment, or resulting from improper provisioning, configuration or maintenance of such equipment.
Compatibility. The program shall be compatible with the operating system, application programs, computing equipment, and networks contemplated by the Documentation.
Compatibility. 1. Recognizing the crucial role of standards-related measures in achieving legitimate objectives, the Parties shall, in accordance with this Chapter and the WTO Agreement, work jointly to enhance the level of safety and of protection of human, animal and plant life and health, the environment and consumers.
Compatibility. ‌ Supplier warrants that each Product provided pursuant to this Contract is, and will continue to be, data, program, and upward compatible with any other Product available or to be made available from Supplier within the same family of Products. Supplier warrants that, as a result of this compatibility, each Product can be utilized without adaptation of the other Products, and so that programs written for the Product shall operate on the next generation of Products, and not result in the need for alteration, emulation, or other loss of efficiency for a period of not less than five (5) years.
Compatibility. The Spacecraft Bus shall be compatible with standard GPS interfaces as defined in [**Redacted**].