Help Desk definition

Help Desk means a service provided by Contractor for the support of Contractor’s Products. Purchaser shall report warranty or maintenance problems to Contractor’s Help Desk for initial trouble-shooting and possible resolution of the problems or for the initiation of repair or replacement services.
Help Desk means the contact point established by Project Co in respect of the Help Desk Services for the notification of Demand Requisitions, the occurrence of Events and other matters arising in relation to the provision of Services;
Help Desk means the Customer Support email address where the Client places requests for service or reports problems or non-conformities that require correction or attention to by the CompanyTechnical Contact” the person or persons appointed by the Client to be the prime contact in the Client organisation through whom all communications to the Company about the application and the service must be channelled “Locally Hosted” an application or solution installed on the Clients own equipment at the Clients premises.

Examples of Help Desk in a sentence

  • The FastLane Help Desk answers general technical questions related to the use of the FastLane system.

  • For FastLane user support, call the FastLane Help Desk at 1-800-673-6188 or e-mail

  • You may also contact the PAMS Help Desk, which can be reached Monday through Friday, 9AM – 5:30 PM Eastern Time.

  • Maintenance shall include, at a minimum, (i) the provision of error corrections, updates, revisions, fixes, upgrade and new releases to Licensee, and (ii) Help Desk assistance with locally accessible “800” or toll free, local telephone service, or alternatively on-line Help Desk accessibility.

  • Coordinates efforts with the Help Desk to ensure all calls outside the customer environment are effectively resolved.

More Definitions of Help Desk

Help Desk the single point of contact help desk set up and operated by the Supplier for the purposes of this Agreement;
Help Desk the telephone helpdesk described in Clause 7.1;
Help Desk means the help desk, referred to in TPD Section U, to be provided by the Service Provider on behalf of the Network Operators; Hive Down Agreement means the agreement of that name as entered into between Transco plc and xoserve Limited on or around the date of this Agreement; Incident means any defect in or failure of any IT Systems or any query in relation to an IT System Service which occurs outside of planned UK Link downtime and has been logged via the Help Desk;
Help Desk means the facilities, associated technologies, and fully trained staff who responds to Calls, Coordinates all Incident and Problem Management activities, and acts as the primary point of contact for Authorized Users in regard to the Services. The Help Desk provides a single point of contact for entitled Authorized Users to call in regard to the Services.
Help Desk means the help-desk support service to be provided by PARTNER as set out in Article 10.1.
Help Desk. MPOWER shall provide a "Level Two" Help Desk to answer Customer questions and solve Customer problems for acceptance testing and production activities as further described herein. (Questions that are training related, or answers to which can be found in the User Documentation, or that are related to initial setups and definitions should be referred to the MPOWER implementation-support team.) The Help Desk is staffed 8:00 am to 5:00 p.m., Mountain Time, Monday through Friday. Calls to the Help Desk outside of these hours are rolled over either to MPOWER Operations or pager response. An Inward WATS number (currently 1-800-000-0000) xx available for Help Desk calls at no charge to the Customer. Calls to the Help Desk that represent problems related to the MPOWER Software or MPOWER System are assigned a Problem Number and entered into the MPOWER Problem Reporting and Tracking System, where current status is available for reporting back to the Customer. A "Level Two" Help Desk call is a call from the Customer's internal Help Desk seeking support for questions and problems for production activities that the Customer's Help Desk was not able to resolve on its own (each a "Service Call"). MPOWER represents that Service Calls will be logged and responded to as follows: