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Agency will. 5.2.1 apply such time, attention, and reasonable skill and care as may be necessary or appropriate for its proper performance and provision of the Services;
Agency will. 1. Provide clinical facilities for learning experiences therein for students enrolled in the nursing program of District who are designated by District for such experience at agency. The clinical experience for any one student shall cover such period of time as may be specified by District.

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  • Agency Shop (a) Each employee who is a member of the Union or who is obligated to tender to the Union amounts equal to periodic dues on the effective date of this Agreement, or who later becomes a member, and all employees entering into the bargaining unit on or after the effective date of this Agreement shall, as a condition of employment, pay or tender to the Union amounts equal to the periodic dues applicable to members, for the period from such effective date, or, in the case of employees entering into the bargaining unit after the effective date, on or after the thirtieth (30th) day of such entrance, whichever of these dates is later, until the termination of this Agreement.

  • Agency Fee The Company shall pay to the Agent (for its own account) an agency fee in the amount and at the times agreed in a Fee Letter.

  • Agency Fees Borrower shall pay to the Administrative Agent an agency fee in such amounts and at such times as heretofore agreed upon by letter agreement between Borrower and the Administrative Agent. The agency fee is for the services to be performed by the Administrative Agent in acting as Administrative Agent and is fully earned on the date paid. The agency fee paid to the Administrative Agent is solely for its own account and is nonrefundable.

  • Agency The Manager shall act as agent of the Company in making, acquiring, financing and disposing of Investments, disbursing and collecting the Company’s funds, paying the debts and fulfilling the obligations of the Company, supervising the performance of professionals engaged by or on behalf of the Company and handling, prosecuting and settling any claims of or against the Company, the Board of Directors, holders of the Company’s securities or the Company’s representatives or properties.

  • Agency of Human Services The Agency of Human Services is responsible for overseeing all contracts and grants entered by any of its departments, boards, offices and business units, however denominated. The Agency of Human Services, through the business office of the Office of the Secretary, and through its Field Services Directors, will share with any named AHS-associated party to this Agreement oversight, monitoring and enforcement responsibilities. Party agrees to cooperate with both the named AHS-associated party to this contract and with the Agency of Human Services itself with respect to the resolution of any issues relating to the performance and interpretation of this Agreement, payment matters and legal compliance.

  • Agencies All State Agencies may utilize and purchase under any state Centralized Contract let by the Commissioner, unless the Bid Documents limit purchases to specific State Agencies.

  • Agency Cross Transactions From time to time, the Sub-Advisor or brokers or dealers affiliated with it may find themselves in a position to buy for certain of their brokerage clients (each an “Account”) securities which the Sub-Advisor’s investment advisory clients wish to sell, and to sell for certain of their brokerage clients securities which advisory clients wish to buy. Where one of the parties is an advisory client, the Advisor or the affiliated broker or dealer cannot participate in this type of transaction (known as a cross transaction) on behalf of an advisory client and retain commissions from both parties to the transaction without the advisory client’s consent. This is because in a situation where the Sub-Advisor is making the investment decision (as opposed to a brokerage client who makes his own investment decisions), and the Sub-Advisor or an affiliate is receiving commissions from one or both sides of the transaction, there is a potential conflicting division of loyalties and responsibilities on the Sub-Advisor’s part regarding the advisory client. The SEC has adopted a rule under the Advisers Act which permits the Sub-Advisor or its affiliates to participate on behalf of an Account in agency cross transactions if the advisory client has given written consent in advance. By execution of this Agreement, the Trust authorizes the Sub-Advisor or its affiliates to participate in agency cross transactions involving an Account. The Trust may revoke its consent at any time by written notice to the Sub-Advisor.

  • Rating Agency Fees The Depositor shall pay (or cause to be paid) the annual fees of each Rating Agency including, but not limited to, surveillance fees.

  • Rating Agency Downgrade If a Ratings Event (as defined below) occurs with respect to Party A (or any applicable credit support provider), then Party A shall at its own expense, (i) assign this Transaction hereunder to a third party satisfactory to the Trustee within (30) days of such Ratings Event that meets or exceeds, or as to which any applicable credit support provider meets or exceeds, the Approved Ratings Thresholds (as defined below) on terms substantially similar to this Confirmation or (ii) deliver collateral, in an amount equal to the Exposure (as defined below), and an executed ISDA Credit Support Annex satisfactory to the Trustee within (30) days of such Ratings Event and subject to Moody's, S&P's and Fitch's written confirmation that delivery of such collateral in the context of such downgrade will not result in a withdrawal, qualification or downgrade of the then current ratings assigned to the Securities. For avoidance of doubt, a downgrade of the rating on the Securities could occur in the event that Party A does not post sufficient collateral. For purposes of this Transaction, a "Ratings Event" shall occur with respect to Party A (or any applicable credit support provider), if its short-term unsecured and unsubordinated debt ceases to be rated at least "A-1" by S&P and at least "P-1" by Moody's Investors Service, Inc. ("Moody's") (including in connectxxx xxxh a merger, consolidation or other similar transaction by Party A or any applicable credit support provider) such ratings being referred to herein as the "Approved Ratings Thresholds," (unless, within 30 days thereafter, each of Moody's, Fitch and S&P has reconfirmed the ratings of the Securitxxx, xx applicable, which was in effect immediately prior thereto). Only with respect to such Ratings Event, "

  • AGENCY SERVICE FEE Section 1. Each employee who elects not to join or maintain membership in the Union shall be required to pay as a condition of employment, beginning thirty (30) days following the commencement of his/her employment, an agency service fee to the Union in an amount that is equal to the amount required to become and remain a member in good standing of the exclusive bargaining agent.