Interface Sample Clauses

Interface. As between Inktomi and Customer, Inktomi acknowledges that Customer owns all right, title and interest, including without limitation all Intellectual Property Rights, in and to the Interface (except for any software licensed by third parties to Customer and except for editorial content regarding the use and functionality of the Inktomi Search Engine provided by Inktomi to Customer for incorporation into the Site, which content shall be and remain Inktomi Technology), and that Inktomi shall not acquire any right, title or interest in or to the Interface.
Interface. Successful Respondent shall provide that the processes, Systems, Software, and Equipment used by Successful Respondent to provide the Services interface and integrate with DIR’s Retained Systems and Processes.
Interface. Service Provider shall provide that the processes, Systems, Software and Equipment used by Service Provider to provide the Services interface and integrate with the Retained Systems and Processes.
Interface. Interface points for PSINet's IRU Capacity provided by IXC under the Purchase Agreement shall be at fiber patch panels ("Connect Panels") located in the IXC Premises. The Connect Panel located in the IXC Premises shall be the demarcation to establish PSINet's operational and maintenance responsibilities. Subject to the space limitations set forth in this Agreement, PSINet shall provide, install and maintain at its expense the electronic equipment at the IXC Premises it desires. PSINet will pay IXC time and materials agreed upon on a case by case basis for equipment installation, tech-assists and build-outs for power, cabling and HVAC.
Interface. Athena will exercise commercially reasonable efforts to make the Interface available. The Interface will function substantially in accordance with the Technical Specifications. Athena may update the Technical Specifications from time to time at its sole discretion by notifying Partner (such notice may be via e-mail). In the event that any update to the Technical Specifications is reasonably expected to have a materially adverse impact on the operation of the Interface, Athena shall provide notice either at least 30 days in advance or, if not possible, as soon as reasonably practical. Upon the successful completion of the Pilot, Athena agrees to provide the Interface to mutual clients that (i) use the required service(s) indicated on Schedule A and (ii) request its implementation, on a mutually agreed-upon process and schedule.