Transfer System Sample Clauses

Transfer System. An application for transfer system will be established. Under such a system any nurse will be able to fill out an appropriate form indicating her/his interest in transferring and her/his name shall be considered when a vacancy occurs. The nurse's name shall also be considered together with applications under Clause 10.03(c).
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Transfer System. 12.01 All positions/vacancies shall be posted on the Health Unit intranet/internet for ten
Transfer System. 15.1 When transferring Officers) to fill normal vacancies and new positions, Management will give first consideration to qualified volunteers and next consideration to Junior Officer(s), before directing any other Officer. Management will be reasonable when transferring Officer(s).
Transfer System i) A Nurse who wishes to transfer from her present assignment, or office location in the Health Unit may do so by submitting a written request to the appropriate Program Coordinator or designate, indicating the assignment, or office location preferred. Such request shall be updated by January 1st of each year and shall be considered as formal application for any notices of opportunity as in
Transfer System. 12.01 All positions/vacancies shall be posted on the bulletin boards of each individual office for ten (10) working days. When a position/vacancy is posted which will not exceed one (1) year, the subsequent position/vacancy created by filling this posting may be filled at the Employer's discretion without reference to Article
Transfer System. A transfer system will be established for full-time and part-time positions. Under such a system, any nurse will be able to advise the Director of Nursing writing, indicating her interest in working in another office of the Health Unit and the application will be considered when a full-time or permanent part-time vacancy occurs. Applications will be retained for a period of six (6) months. A nurse will not be transferred permanently to another area of the Health Unit except by mutual consent. The Director of Nursing shall post a notice of full-time or part-time position vacancies on bulletin boards of each individual office for a minimum of ten (10) working days in order that staff will know that the position is open and be able to make written application to the Director of Nursing. SALARIES AND PROFESSIONAL CLASSIFICATION Salaries and professional classifications are set forth in Appendix and remain in effect for the duration of this Agreement. When duties of a position covered by this Agreement are changed or when a new position appropriately covered by this Agreement is established, the salary shall be negotiated; if the parties are unable to agree, such dispute may be submitted to arbitration. The salary shall be retroactive to the date the position was first established and filled. A nurse who assumes any part of the supervisory duties relative to the Nursing Programs within her own office normally performed by a Nursing Supervisor in this Health Unit or a nurse is assigned to a specific county-wide nursing program, as assigned by the Director of Nursing writing, shall be paid a responsibility allowance of six dollars and forty-five cents ($6.45) per day. When a nurse employed one classification is promoted to a higher classification, she will retain her vested right to the salary of her former classification and will be placed in the salary step of the new classification which the next one greater than her former salary. ARTICLE
Transfer System. A nurse who wishes to transfer from her present assignment, geographic area or office location (if the Employer opens other branch or satellite offices) may do so by the filing the appropriate form with the appropriate Supervisor of Client Services or her designate indicating the assignment, geographic area or office location preferred. Such form shall be updated by January 1 of each year and shall be considered as formal application for positions in Article 5.4 (a) and 5.4 (b) and shall be kept on file. All applicants shall be considered under 5.1 (a). The name of the successful applicants will be placed on each bulletin board. All applicants shall receive a written reply. A nurse will not be transferred to another area or office without her consent.
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Transfer System. 12.01 All positions/vacancies shall be posted on the Health Unit intranet/internet for ten (10) working days.
Transfer System. SECTION 23.1 Employees may request a transfer into a district at any time on a form provided by the Employer. Such requests must be approved by the Chief, but will be given priority consideration when filling vacancies within that district, subject to the following limitations:

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  • Work Site Work site shall be defined as a college campus or any other place designated by management where instruction and/or services are performed.

  • Authorized User’s Statement of Work A competitive Mini-Bid is required for every transaction under this Centralized Contract. An Authorized User must prepare a detailed Statement of Work using Appendix F, Attachment 1, Mini-Bid Template. The Authorized User must distribute the Mini-Bid to all qualified Vendors per Lot(s) (unless a Vendor has removed itself from consideration via the Appendix F, Attachment 5, Mini-Bid Participation Interest Template). Contact information, organized by Lot, will be available on the OGS website for this Contract. An Authorized User shall conduct its Mini-Bid in accordance with the requirements set forth in Appendix F, Attachment 2, How to Use this Contract. The following terms and conditions shall apply to each Mini-Bid issued by an Authorized User:  An Authorized User may require the execution of unique forms, such as Confidentiality Non- Disclosure agreements; and  An Authorized User is required to make tentative award and non-award notifications to each Contractor who submitted a response to the Mini-Bid. Additionally, the minimum time, excluding the date of release, between issuance of the Mini-Bid by the Authorized User to the Mini-Bid Opening is as follows:  Xxx 0 Xxxx-Xxxx: Xxxx (0) Xxxxxxxx Xxxx  Xxx 0 Mini-Bids: Ten (10) Business Days

  • Delivery Location All Goods shall be delivered to the address specified in this Order (the "Delivery Location") during Buyer's normal business hours or as otherwise instructed by Buyer.

  • Collocation Transfer of Responsibility Without Working Circuits The Collocation is not serving any End User Customers and does not have active service terminations (e.g., Interconnection trunks or UNE Loops) or 2) Collocation Transfer of Responsibility With Working Circuits – The Collocation has active service terminations, such as Interconnection trunks or is serving End User Customers.

  • Data Center Location Upon the effective date of the Agreement, the Data Centers used to host Personal Data in the Cloud Service are located in the EEA or Switzerland. SAP will not migrate the Customer instance to a Data Center outside the EEA or Switzerland without Customer’s prior written consent (email permitted). If SAP plans to migrate the Customer instance to a Data Center within the EEA or to Switzerland, SAP will notify Customer in writing (email permitted) no later than thirty days before the planned migration.

  • Workloads (a) The parties agree that patient care is enhanced if concerns relating to professional practice, patient acuity, fluctuating Work-Loads and fluctuating staffing are resolved in a timely and effective manner.

  • Access Toll Connecting Trunk Group Architecture 9.2.1 If CBB chooses to subtend a Verizon access Tandem, CBB’s NPA/NXX must be assigned by CBB to subtend the same Verizon access Tandem that a Verizon NPA/NXX serving the same Rate Center Area subtends as identified in the LERG.

  • Developer and Connecting Transmission Owner Notice Developer and Connecting Transmission Owner shall each notify the other Party, first orally and then in writing, of the release of any Hazardous Substances, any asbestos or lead abatement activities, or any type of remediation activities related to the Large Generating Facility or the Attachment Facilities, each of which may reasonably be expected to affect the other Party. The notifying Party shall: (i) provide the notice as soon as practicable, provided such Party makes a good faith effort to provide the notice no later than twenty-four hours after such Party becomes aware of the occurrence; and (ii) promptly furnish to the other Party copies of any publicly available reports filed with any Governmental Authorities addressing such events.

  • Connecting Transmission Owner’s Scope of Work and Responsibilities The Connecting Transmission Owner will design, construct, own, operate and maintain all Connecting Transmission Owner’s Interconnection Facilities, except as otherwise stated above and in the Project Specific Specifications. The Connecting Transmission Owner will complete all engineering reviews, field verifications and witness testing, etc. in accordance with the ESBs and the Project Specific Specifications. Connecting Transmission Owner shall provide the revenue metering CT/PT units and meter socket enclosure. The Connecting Transmission Owner shall:  provide, run, and wire both ends of the color-coded cable for the revenue metering instrument transformer secondary wiring;  perform all terminations; and  supply and install the meter. The revenue meter may require a communications link to the RTU. The Connecting Transmission Owner will specify and run those communications cables. The Connecting Transmission Owner shall complete all wiring, testing and commissioning of the RTU.

  • Installation Services 3.1 The Bitstream 2a Service includes a Standard Install as set out below (in each case to the extent that the relevant provisioning works are not already complete for the relevant Service Order).1

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