other officer definition

other officer means an officer, except a medical officer, referred to in section 6(3) or a person engaged under section 6(5);
other officer means any person who serves or has served as an appointed or elected officer of the Corporation but who is not a Director or Senior Officer of the Corporation;
other officer means the master or any other member of the regular com- plement of the vessel concerned who is qualified for the navigation of those United States waters of the Great Lakes which are not designated by the President in Proclamation No. 3385 dated December 22, 1960 and who is ei- ther licensed by the Secretary or cer- tificated by an appropriate agency of Canada.

Examples of other officer in a sentence

  • Other officer vacancies shall be filled by appointment by the Chair and confirmed by a vote of the Board.

  • Other officer groups deal with related risk specialisms such as Health and Safety; Treasury; Emergency Resilience and Business Continuity; Insurance; Information Security etc.

  • Other officer groups deal with related risk specialisms such as Health and Safety; Treasury Management; Emergency Resilience and Business Continuity; Insurance; Information Security; Anti-fraud and corruption etc.

  • Other officer positions may also be created here.(2) Responsibilities of the Chairperson.

  • Other officer contact information is important but not required.SignaturePrint name, sign and date.

More Definitions of other officer

other officer means an officer of the Company, other than an Executive Officer, whose compensation is subject to the requirements of CRD IV.
other officer means the President or any Vice President of the Company, but specifically excluding any Financial Officer.
other officer means an officer below Director.
other officer means a person who (i) was designated an Officer at any point in time prior to such person’s termination as a Service Provider or (ii) is a non-executive officer who reports directly to the Company’s Chief Executive Officer. If Participant ceases to be a Service Provider due to Participant’s death or Disability, this Option shall be exercisable for one (1) year after Participant ceases to be Service Provider. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in no event may this Option be exercised after the Term/Expiration Date as provided above and may be subject to earlier termination as provided in Section 15(c) of the Plan. The date on which Participant ceases to be a Service Provider shall not be extended by any notice of termination period or non-working garden leave established under the employment law in the jurisdiction in which Participant resides or under the terms of Participant’s employment agreement, if any; such date will be considered the last date Participant is providing active services. The Administrator shall have the exclusive discretion to determine when Participant is no longer actively providing services for purposes of the Option (including whether Participant may still be considered to be providing services while on an approved leave of absence).
other officer means all employees other than the Directors, KMPs and the Senior Management Personnel.
other officer means an employee so designated by the Executive Secretary and whose duties
other officer user means those users nominated by their organisation as not having a law enforcement purpose, for the purposes of the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998. Other officer users are able to view all data from or assigned to all organisations, except personal information (including for example, offender and complainant name, address and vehicle registration numbers).