Authorized User’s Statement of Work Sample Clauses

Authorized User’s Statement of Work. A competitive Mini-Bid is required for every transaction under this Centralized Contract. An Authorized User must prepare a detailed Statement of Work using Appendix F, Attachment 1, Mini-Bid Template. The Authorized User must distribute the Mini-Bid to all qualified Vendors per Lot(s) (unless a Vendor has removed itself from consideration via the Appendix F, Attachment 5, Mini-Bid Participation Interest Template). Contact information, organized by Lot, will be available on the OGS website for this Contract. An Authorized User shall conduct its Mini-Bid in accordance with the requirements set forth in Appendix F, Attachment 2, How to Use this Contract. The following terms and conditions shall apply to each Mini-Bid issued by an Authorized User:  An Authorized User may require the execution of unique forms, such as Confidentiality Non- Disclosure agreements; and  An Authorized User is required to make tentative award and non-award notifications to each Contractor who submitted a response to the Mini-Bid. Additionally, the minimum time, excluding the date of release, between issuance of the Mini-Bid by the Authorized User to the Mini-Bid Opening is as follows:  Xxx 0 Xxxx-Xxxx: Xxxx (0) Xxxxxxxx Xxxx  Xxx 0 Mini-Bids: Ten (10) Business Days

Related to Authorized User’s Statement of Work

  • Statement of Work The Contractor shall provide the services and staff, and otherwise do all things necessary for or incidental to the performance of work, as set forth below:

  • CORRECTION OF WORK 13.2.1 The Contractor shall be responsible for correcting all Work which the Architect has found to be defective or which fails to conform to the Contract Documents whether observed be- fore or after Substantial Completion and whether or not fabricated, installed or completed. The Contractor shall bear all costs of correcting such rejected Work, including compensation for the Architect's and the State’s additional services made necessary thereby. The Architect, upon a finding of defect or failure to conform, shall immediately notify the State and Contractor, in writing, of the defect. The Contractor shall begin correcting the defective or non-conforming Work within ten (10) days unless the State agrees to a Change Order which reflects the reduction in Contract Sum due to the value of diminishment of the defective or nonconforming Work.

  • Authorized Users Authorized Users" are:

  • Inspection of Work The State will have the right at all reasonable times to inspect or otherwise evaluate the work performed or being performed hereunder and the premises in which it is being performed. If any inspection or evaluation is made on the premises of the Provider, the Provider shall provide all reasonable facilities and assistance for the safety and convenience of the inspectors in the performance of their duties. All inspections and evaluations will be performed in such manner as will not unduly delay the work.

  • Work Order (s) means a detailed scope of work for a Service required by Transnet, including timeframes, Deliverable, Fees and costs for the supply of the Service to Transnet, which may be appended to this Agreement from time to time.

  • Authorized User Overview and Mini-Bid Process Project Based IT Consulting Services Contracts enable Authorized Users to use a competitive Mini-bid Process to acquire Services on an as-needed basis, for qualified IT Projects. Project Based IT Consulting Services may include, but will not be limited to projects requiring: analysis, data classification, design, development, testing, quality assurance, security and associated training for Information Technology based applications. See section 1.3 Out of Scope Work for a listing of projects expressly excluded from the scope of this Contract. An Authorized User Agreement for Project Based IT Consulting Services will be governed first by the terms and conditions specified in the OGS Centralized Contract and second by terms and conditions added to the Authorized User Statement of Work. Additional terms and conditions shall not conflict with or modify the terms and conditions of the OGS Centralized Contract. NYS Executive Agencies must adhere to all internal processes and approvals including, as required, approval from NYS Office of Information Technology Services. Other Authorized Users must adhere to their own internal processes and approvals. In accordance with Appendix B, section 28, Modification of Contract Terms, an Authorized User may add additional required terms and conditions to this Mini-Bid and resultant Authorized User Agreement only if such terms and conditions (1) are more favorable to the Authorized User and (2) do not conflict with or supersede the OGS Centralized Contract terms and conditions. Examples of additional terms and conditions include: • Expedited delivery timeframe; • Additional incentives, such as discount for expedited payment/Procurement Card use; and • Any additional requirements imposed by the funding source or Federal law.

  • Scope of Work The Contractor has overall responsibility for and shall provide and furnish all materials, equipment, tools and labor as necessary or reasonably inferable to complete the Work, or any phase of the Work, in accordance with the Owner’s requirements and the terms of the Contract Documents.

  • Assignment of Work The assignment of Project Work will be solely the responsibility of the Contractor performing the work involved; and such work assignments will be in accordance with the Plan for the Settlement of Jurisdictional Disputes in the Construction Industry (the “Plan”) or any successor Plan.