Time and Materials Sample Clauses

Time and Materials. If this contract is designated as a Time and Materials contract, invoicing and payment shall be as follows:
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Time and Materials. If it is impractical, because of the nature of the work, or for any other reason, to fix an increase in price in advance, the Change Order may fix a maximum price which shall not under any circumstances be exceeded, and subject to such limitation, such alteration, modification or extra shall be paid for at the actual necessary cost as determined by the sum of the following items (1) to (5)
Time and Materials. Contract Charges shall be calculated on a daily basis at the respective time and material rates for each Supplier Staff for every day, or pro rata for every part of a day, that the Supplier Staff are actively performing the Services and in accordance with the relevant rates for such Supplier Staff as required to perform such Services as set out at paragraph 5.3.5.
Time and Materials. Work performed on a time and materials basis shall be calculated as the sum of Allowable Costs, plus applicable Contractor Markup, as set forth herein. The above methods are the exclusive methods for calculating adjustments to the Contract Sum. Under no circumstances will adjustment to the Contract Sum be based upon any methodology such as total cost or modified total cost methodologies that purports to calculate Contractor’s additional costs based on the difference between Contractor’s total actual Project or line item costs and its original bid estimate for the Project or any original bid estimate line item.
Time and Materials. 2.1. All Consulting Services to be carried out by Us are on a time and materials basis or on the basis of a ‘FlightPath’ (as applicable).
Time and Materials. Where the Services are provided on a time and materials basis: the fees payable for the Services shall be calculated in accordance with VCG’s daily or hourly fee rates for the VCG Personnel; and VCG shall issue invoices to Service Recipient monthly in arrears for its fees for time for the immediately preceding month, calculated as provided in this Section 5.2, together with a detailed breakdown of any expenses for such month incurred in accordance with Section 5.5.
Time and Materials. If Contractor supplies Materials on a time and materials basis, based on rate(s) agreed to on the relevant PO(s) or pursuant to a rate schedule attached hereto, then TVA will pay Contractor in accordance with such rate(s). Such payments will exclude all travel time and any related travel expenses, unless authorized in advance and in writing by the TVA Contract Technical Xxxxxxx (CTS).
Time and Materials. On the basis of time and material as determined in Section 9.4.
Time and Materials. In performing the Contract Scope of Work, the Contractor will be compensated on an Hourly Basis for labor, with a Not-To-Exceed (NTE) amount of [$---------] ( dollars) in accordance with the Contractor’s Standard Billing Rates (Attachment B) and on an incurred basis for Reimbursable Expenses in accordance with Contractor’s Reimbursable Expense Schedule (Attachment C), subject to any NTE amounts included in Attachment C. If authorized, reimbursable expenses shall be charged to VEIC at Contractor’s actual cost, with no xxxx-up. Contractor shall not exceed these dollar amounts set forth above for labor and reimbursable expenses in performing the Contract Scope of Work, unless approved in advance in writing by an authorized representative of VEIC. During each yearly anniversary of the Term of this Contract, Contractor may only increase the Standard Billing Rates for labor set forth on Attachment B by the lesser of (i) three percent (3%) or (ii) the average percentage change in the annual Consumer Price Index Northeast for all urban consumers (CPI-U) (1982-1984) over the then current contract year (CPI). The average percentage CPI change will be calculated by VEIC by January 1 of each year and will be used until the following January. [Do Not Use If a Single Year Contract] The schedule of rates set forth on Attachments B and C shall not change during the Term of this Contract, with the exception of mileage, which will be adjusted on a calendar year basis in accordance with changes in the IRS approved mileage rate for use of a personal automobile. With the exception of the increases provided for in the preceding 2 sentences regarding mileage and labor rates, Contractor shall not increase any other expenses set forth on Attachments B and C during the Term of this Contract. No obligations for expenses beyond the estimated amount in Attachment C shall be reimbursed without prior written approval by VEIC. The Standard Billing Rates include all General and Administrative Overhead; all Contractor administrative functions are understood to be compensated through the factor applied to determine the Standard Billing Rates, and only administrative assistance that is in direct support of production of the deliverables in the Scope of Work will be compensated on an hourly basis. Invoices shall be submitted monthly, including a breakdown showing the staff, hourly rate, hours, and the tasks progressed or completed for the invoice period. Prior to making any monthly payment, V...
Time and Materials. The invoices will be based on Professional’s time spent on each phase of the project at the time of billing.