Amounts Included Sample Clauses

Amounts Included. As used herein the termGross Receipts” will include the gross revenues from all sales made and services performed for cash, credit or otherwise, pursuant to Company’s operations and solicitations at the Airport, regardless of when or whether paid.
Amounts Included. Annual Addition” means the sum of the following amounts credited to a Participant’s Accounts for the Limitation Year:‌
Amounts Included. The Plan Administrator must include in the Top-Heavy Ratio, as part of the Account Balances, any contribution not made as of the Determination Date but includible under Code §416 and the applicable Treasury regulations, and distributions made within the Determination Period.

Related to Amounts Included

  • Ineligible Costs ‘Ineligible costs’ are:

  • Contract Amount It is expressly agreed and understood that the total amount to be paid by COUNTY under this CONTRACT shall not exceed the total COUNTY funding as set forth in Attachment B-Compensation/Payment to CONTRACTOR attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference.

  • Amounts Owed After the Termination Date, the Advisor shall be entitled to receive from the Company or the Operating Partnership within thirty (30) days after the effective date of such termination all amounts then accrued and owing to the Advisor, including all its interest in the Company’s income, losses, distributions and capital by payment of an amount equal to the then-present fair market value of the Advisor’s interest, subject to the 2%/25% Guidelines to the extent applicable.