Amounts Included Sample Clauses

Amounts Included. As used herein the termGross Receipts” will include the gross revenues from all sales made and services performed for cash, credit or otherwise, pursuant to Company’s operations and solicitations at the Airport, regardless of when or whether paid.
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Amounts Included. The Plan Administrator must include in the Top-Heavy Ratio, as part of the Account Balances, any contribution not made as of the Determination Date but includible under Code §416 and the applicable Treasury regulations, and distributions made within the Determination Period.
Amounts Included. Annual Addition” means the sum of the following amounts credited to a Participant’s Accounts for the Limitation Year:‌

Related to Amounts Included

  • Owner Inclusion It is understood and agreed by all parties that “Owner/s” shall include the City of Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska and Xxxxxxx-Xxxxxxxxx County Public Building Commission. Whenever in the Contract documents, including the instructions to bidders, specifications, insurance requirements, bonds, and terms and conditions or any other documents which are a part of the Contract, a singular entity is referenced (i.e., “the City” or “the County” or “Building Commission”) it shall mean the “Owners” encompassing the City of Lincoln, Lancaster County and Xxxxxxx-Xxxxxxxxx County Building Commission. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the duties and obligations of the City, the County, and the Building Commission pursuant to the Contract shall be treated as divisible and severable duties and obligations, and default by any one of the City, the County, or the Building Commission shall not be attributed to any other of the Owners, but shall remain the sole obligation of the defaulting entity.

  • Definition The following definition applies in addition to the definitions in Chapter 287, Florida Statutes (F.S.), and Rule Chapter 60A-1, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.):

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