Probationary Employees Sample Clauses

Probationary Employees. Employees with permanent status will not be separated from state service through a layoff action without first being offered positions they have the skills and abilities to perform within their current job classification within the layoff unit currently held by probationary employees. Probationary employees will be separated from employment before permanent employees.
Probationary Employees. A probationary employee is an employee, who is hired on a trial basis with the prospect of being reclassified as a regular employee, if the employee's performance satisfactorily meets the job requirements. The probation period is normally a minimum of three months and a maximum of six (6) months. After six (6) months, the employee will either be made regular, transferred to another probationary position or terminated unless there is an expectation that a longer probationary period will result in improvement in a specific area which has been identified to the employee (e.g. completion of a training course or a specific work assignment, interrupted probationary period as a result of parental leave, etc.) The employee's benefits and working conditions are the same as regular employees with exceptions identified in the provisions where different treatment has been agreed to.
Probationary Employees. New employees hired in the unit shall be considered probationary employees for the first ninety (90) days of actual work of their employment, during which time they may be disciplined or discharged without recourse to the grievance procedure. During the probationary period, employees are at will. The Union shall have no right to represent said employees during the probationary period on any matters relating to discipline or discharge. Employees may be terminated or disciplined within the sole discretion of the Employer during the probationary period. The Employer may extend the probationary period for another ninety (90) days of actual work when the Employer determines that the employee is only marginally or is unsatisfactorily performing his/her duties. In the event that the Employer decides to extend the probationary period the subsequent ninety (90) days, the Employer shall notify the Union and the affected employee prior to said extension. The decision to extend the probationary period shall not be grievable. When an employee satisfactorily completes the probationary period of either ninety (90) days of work or one hundred eighty (180) days of work, he/she shall be entered on a seniority list of the court in which he/she works with his/her seniority date beginning at the date of his/her hire.
Probationary Employees. (a) Newly hired employees shall be considered on a probationary basis for a period of four (4) calendar months from date of hiring. During the probationary period, such employees shall be entitled to all rights and privileges of this Agreement, except with respect to discharge. The employment of such employees may be terminated any time during the probationary period without recourse to the grievance procedure. After completion of the probationary period, seniority shall be effective from the original date of hire.
Probationary Employees. 1. A probationary employee will displace the junior employee of lesser seniority in the next lower classifications in their OGL in descending order within his/her worksite/centre.
Probationary Employees. 20.13.1 The Employer will extend to probationary employees the benefit of the employment stability provisions found in this article, as follows:
Probationary Employees. 9:01 A probationary employee is an employee who has not been employed by the Company in excess of sixty (60) calendar days from the date of his/her hiring. During the probationary period, the employee will not have any rights under the terms of the Collective Agreement, except that a grievance may be processed upon a claim that such an employee is not receiving the correct monetary reimbursement as agreed to under the terms of this Collective Agreement.
Probationary Employees. A probationary employee shall be entitled to a vacation of one working day for each full month of service completed between June 30 of the previous year and July 1 of the current year up to maximum of two weeks (10 working days). Four percent (4%) of the total pay of the employee shall be paid in the year for which the vacation is given - whichever is greater. Temporary Employees Made Regular
Probationary Employees. The first (1st) sixty (60) calendar days of employment shall be considered a probationary (trial) period for full-time employees. The first (1st) ninety (90) calendar days of employment shall be considered a probationary (trial) period for part-time employees. During such probationary period, an employee may be terminated for any reason and he shall have no recourse to the grievance procedure set forth in this Agreement.
Probationary Employees. Employees with probationary and provisional appointments, unless they have permanent status, while accruing annual leave during the provisional and probationary period, shall be entitled to accrue and utilize such leave as earned with appropriate approval pursuant to section 10.3. No payment for accrued but unused annual leave will be made upon separation from employment within the first twelve (12) months of employment.