Tardies Sample Clauses

Tardies. Three or more tardies in any class any term will result in the loss of .25 units of attendance credit.
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Tardies. Employees must be dressed properly in uniform and ready to assume work duties at their work location at their call time. Employees who fail to report to their work station at their exact call time will be considered tardy, even if they’ve clocked in at the appropriate Timekeeper clock before their call time. Employees who know they will be tardy must make reasonable efforts to notify their department prior to their call time. Advance notice does not excuse the tardy and failure to make such reasonable efforts may result in progressive discipline, depending on an employee’s circumstances. TARDIES POINTS
Tardies. 1. A student is tardy who is not in the student's seat with their pencil, pen, paper, textbooks, and Chromebook ready to work when the bell to begin the period sounds.
Tardies. For purposes of this Article, “tardy” is defined as any incident where the employee appears and is ready for work at least seven (7) minutes after his/her scheduled starting time. Employees are subject to termination at the fourteenth (14th) incident of tardiness in an anniversary year. A one (1) point deduction will be made to the employee’s Attendance Points for each hour, or portion thereof, that they are tardy; except that an employee shall not have any points added for the first hour of the first two (2) tardies.
Tardies. A tardy occasion is defined as failure to clock in within seven (7) minutes after the start of your scheduled shift. Any associate who is tardy two hours or more will be considered absent. Tardy up to 7 minutes = no points Tardy 8/30 minutes = ½ point Tardy 31 minutes or more = 1 point
Tardies. Tardiness is defined as up to eleven minutes and 59 seconds (11:59) late for sign-on as listed for that day on the operator’s sign- on sheet.
Tardies. A student is considered tardy if they clock in >5min after the scheduled start time. • Any tardy = 1 point deducted from final evaluation score, for each week, at that site. • 3-5 tardies at one site = 5-point deduction from final evaluation score, for each week, at that site. • More than 5 tardies at one site = 10-point deduction from final evaluation score, for each week, at that site. • Excessive tardies may result in required clinical make-up time. • Notify both the clinical site and SCC MLT Program if you are going to be tardy. Leaving Early • Students are expected to stay at the clinical site for the entire scheduled day. Rarely, a clinical instructor may insist a student leave early. If this happens, the MLT Program Clinical Coordinator or MLT Program Faculty must be notified. • Leaving early 3-5 times at one site = 5-point deduction from final evaluation score, for each week, at that site. • Leaving early excessively may result in required clinical make-up time. • If a clinical instructor repeatedly asks a student to leave early, contact the MLT Program Clinical Coordinator. Time Exceptions • Fewer than 5 time exceptions in a term will not result in a point deduction. • 5 time exceptions in a term = a 10-point deduction from the final evaluation score for the week in which the 5th time exception occurs. Each time exception beyond 5 is an additional 1-point deduction from the evaluation score, per exception. (Example: 10 time exceptions in the term = a 15-point deduction from evaluation scores.) • Forgetting to clock in or out is a time exception. These are included in the running tally of time exceptions that cause grade deductions. • Do not clock in to make a time exception because the exception will replace the missing time stamp. If you clock in before making a time exception, making the exception will automatically clock you out. Absences • Students are allowed one absence at the clinical site with no point deductions. Any absence past one may result in a point deduction or make-up time at the clinical site or on SCC campus in some capacity (performing clinical tasks, helping with an MLT or phlebotomy class, etc.). • Failure to report an absence to the clinical site or to the MLT Program Clinical Coordinator = 5-point deduction from final evaluation score, for each week, at that site. • Failure to report an absence to the clinical site AND to the MLT Program Clinical Coordinator = 10- point deduction from final evaluation score, for each week, ...
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Tardies. Section 1: An employee is expected to report to work prior to the scheduled start of the shift.
Tardies. ● It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to see that their children arrive by 8:00am. A child is considered tardy if he/she is not in line or in the classroom by the 8:00 am bell. ● The parent/guardian must sign-in the tardy student at the office; students must not be taken directly to the classroom. Students who are tardy must receive a tardy slip from the office prior to admittance to class. EXCESSIVE ABSENCE and TARDINESS ● Excessive absence is considered a total of 18 days per school year, which constitutes ten percent of the academic year. ● Excessive absence for reasons of illness will be handled on an individual basis. ● Excessive tardiness or absence will result in a parent conference with the teacher and/or principal. Persistent tardiness or absence may, at the discretion of the principal, result in disciplinary action including dismissal from school. ● The accumulation of four tardies in a trimester is excessive. Parents will be contacted by the principal and assigned one additional hour of service (to the school or parish). A sixth tardy in a trimester places the family on probation, as well as one additional hour of service (to the school or parish). ● Any student who is absent from school without a valid excuse or who is tardy in excess of thirty minutes shall be considered truant. The principal may contact an appropriate government entity if there is concern regarding neglect. ABSENCES AND MAKE-UP WORK Please refer to Missed Homework Due To Absence for policy and procedures. INTRODUCTION
Tardies. School for grades K-6th begins at 8:30AM. It is very important for Franklin School Students to be punctual. Elementary students will be in line on the playground and ready to be escorted to the classroom by 8:25 A.M. ACADEMIC SUBJECTS will be taught in the first PERIOD of the day; therefore, it is strongly recommended that all doctor, dentist or other appointments be made after school or after 2:15 P.M. as that will give the student credit for a full day of attendance. Because of the drop-off procedures at Franklin Phonetic School we assume that a student’s tardy is the fault of the parent delivering the child. Although this is not the desired model for your child’s future conduct, we understand that they do not drive themselves to school and that sometimes events happen that are unexpected. Attendance information can be found in Arizona Title 15. Pursuant to these guidelines every FIVE tardies will equal one unexcused absence. Please be aware that excessive tardiness can be considered criminal on the part of the parent and may be reported to law enforcement.
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