Military Service Sample Clauses

Military Service. In order to comply with SERVICE MEMBERS CIVIL RELIEF ACT it is Occupant's obligation to notify the Owner in writing that Occupant and any Occupant family member storing goods at the Facility are in active military service, in order to determine Occupant's qualifications under this Act. If Occupant's military status or Occupant's family member's military status changes, Occupant is required to notify the Owner in writing of this change immediately.
Military Service. It is understood service with the Armed Forces of Canada in time of war or compulsory military service does not constitute a break in the continuous service and shall not affect an employee’s seniority rights.
Military Service. Any employee who is a member of the National Guard or Military Reserves, and is required to undergo field training therein, shall be entitled to a leave of absence with pay for the period of such training, but not to exceed two (2) weeks in anyone fiscal year, and will have no bearing on annual vacation leave. The amount of compensation paid to such employee for such leave of absence shall be the difference between the employee's compensation for military activities as shown by a satisfactory statement by military authorities giving the employee's rank, base pay, and the amount of the employee's regular weekly pay. If the compensation for military service is equal to or greater than the pay due as a City employee for the period covered by such military leave, then no payment shall be made.
Military Service. 20.13 The City agrees that Local 79 members shall have access to the City's policy on Leave of Absence: Military Service, as it may be amended from time to time.
Military Service. IF YOU ARE IN THE MILITARY SERVICE, Tenant must provide written notice to Landlord. Landlord will rely on this information for the Service Members Civil Relief Act. If Tenant is a Service Member, and Tenant is transferred or deployed overseas on active duty for a period of 180 days or more, Tenant may notify the Landlord of the transfer or deployment. The Tenant shall provide written evidence of the transfer or deployment with the notice. Upon notice, Tenant is entitled to protections under governing law staying the enforcement of the Landlord’s lien.
Military Service. An employee who leaves the employment of the company to enter military service, either by voluntary enlistment or by induction under the Selective Service System, shall be reinstated under the provisions of applicable Federal Statutes, upon application within the designated period of time following honorable or general discharge, provided he/she qualifies under the seniority rules and is physically capable of performing the work required. Upon reinstatement, such employee shall be given credit for continuous service from the time he/she left the employment of the Company to enter Military Service to the date of reinstatement.
Military Service. Full credit will be allowed for military service if under contract at the time of induction. Any employee previously granted credit for such service shall continue to receive such credit as previously granted if under contract at the time of induction.
Military Service. When a full-time employee is called into service he shall be paid his normal vacation pay at the time of induction. Upon return he shall receive a vacation pro-rated according to the num­ ber of months worked in that calendar year. The rate of pay for a returned vet­ eran shall be in accordance with the vet­ eran’s re-employment rights. No accumu­ lated time toward progression increases will be credited during Military Service. Upon return the employee will be granted all general increases.
Military Service. 15.1. In the event an employee enlists or is conscripted into military service, during a time of war in which Canada is engaged, he/she will be considered on leave of absence, except that in the case of an employee choosing to enlist, a minimum of one (1) year's employment with the Employer shall be required in order to be covered by the provisions of this Article. On release from such service, an employee shall resume his/her former position, or a comparable one, with a salary commensurate with his/her experience rating at the time of enlistment or conscription.