Pay Fees Sample Clauses

Pay Fees. Customer agrees to pay the license fees specified on the Order Form. Customer agrees to pay those fees when specified on the Order Form, if not specified, on entering into this agreement. Customer agrees to pay using the method specified on the Order Form. Customer agrees to pay all tax on fees under this agreement, except tax Developer owes on income.
Pay Fees. Pay fees under the Loan Agreement, the Exit Fee Agreement, or any other Loan Document.
Pay Fees. Organization shall pay or cause to be paid USAFB the then-applicable rate for any of the Resources for which there is a charge, including without limitation the Coach Education. Such fees will be governed by the terms effective at the time of purchase, all of which are incorporated fully within this Agreement. Any deviation from the standard purchase price for any of the Resources must be memorialized in a writing signed by both parties. Any unpaid balances will, at USAFB’s option, accrue interest at 1.5% per month or the highest rate allowable under applicable law. If Organization has a balance from previous year(s)/agreement(s), USAFB may deem Organization ineligible to enroll and/or receive access to Resources and/or any Benefits until the balance has been paid to USAFB in full.
Pay Fees. 32.00 DOJ + $19.00 FBI + Rolling Fee (fees subject to change without notice) payable by cashier’s check or money order to the appropriate agency. The rolling fee is determined by the fingerprinting agency.
Pay Fees. It is your responsibility to arrange payment of your fees each year. Fees are subject to an annual increase. If you have any queries about payment of fees or funding, please contact the Finance Helpline before you confirm attendance on the programme.
Pay Fees. Please refer to the current copy of the Current Planning fee schedule and remit required payment when submitting the application. Checks payable to: Washington County.Type I Replacement Dwelling: Groundwater Study Rural Surcharge: If you have any questions regarding the Washington County Community Development Code standards or application requirements for a Type I Replacement Dwelling in EFU/AF-20 or AF- 10/AF-5/RR-5 when 2 or more lawful dwellings exist, please contact Current Planning at (503) 846-8761. NOTE: This application must be submitted, reviewed and approved BEFORE you are able to apply for a building permit. Once the application is approved, please contact Building Services at (503) 846-3470 for building permit information.WASHINGTON COUNTYDept. of Land Use & Transportation Planning and Development Services Current Planning155 N. 1st Avenue, #350-13Hillsboro, OR 97124Ph. (503) 846-8761 Fax (503) 846-2908 #: (to be assigned by Washington County)APPLICANT:COMPANY: CONTACT: ADDRESS: Type I Replacement Dwelling – EFU/AF-20 or AF-10/AF-5/RR-5 for 2 or more dwellings CPO: COMMUNITY PLAN:Rural/Natural Resource LAND USE DISTRICT:_ EFU_ AF-20_ AF-10 (two or more dwellings)_ AF-5 (two or more dwellings)_ RR-5 (two or more dwellings)ASSESSOR MAP: TAX LOT NUMBER(S): NOTE: Contiguous property under identical ownership will be reviewed as part of this application and may be subject toPHONE: FAX: E-MAIL ADDRESS: APPLICANT’S REPRESENTATIVE: NOTE: TheApplicant’s Representative will be the primary contact for the County. COMPANY: CONTACT: ADDRESS: PHONE: FAX: E-MAIL ADDRESS: OWNER(S): (attach additional sheets if needed) NAME: ADDRESS: conditions of approval. List assessor map and tax lot numbers of all contiguous property under identical ownership: SITE ADDRESS: SITE SIZE: PHONE: FAX: E-MAIL ADDRESS: ALSO NOTIFY:
Pay Fees. Member shall pay UC consistent with Schedule A. These fees are nonrefundable.
Pay Fees. TGS does not assess a fee for graduating, but it does have a fee for processing the thesis. Once the thesis is submitted online, you will receive an email on when and how to pay the fee. Be sure to watch for the email and take care of the payment before the deadline listed.

Related to Pay Fees

  • Monthly Fees Beginning on the Opening Date, you will pay to us for each month (or part of a month, including the final month you operate under this Agreement) the Monthly Royalty Fees as set forth and defined in the Rider and a Monthly Program Fee in the amount of four percent (4%) of the Hotel's Gross Rooms Revenue (as the term is defined more specifically in Subparagraph 7.b. below) for the preceding calendar month. The amount of this Monthly Program Fee is subject to change by us from time to time. However, increase in the Monthly Program Fee, if any, will not exceed one percent (1%) of the Hotel's Gross Rooms Revenue in any calendar year, and the cumulative increases in the Monthly Program Fee, during the Term of this Agreement, will not exceed five percent (5%) of Gross Rooms Revenue.

  • Lump Sum Payments If, during the Employment Period, the Company terminates the Executive's employment other than for Cause, or the Executive terminates employment for Good Reason, the Company shall pay to the Executive the following amounts:

  • Premium Payments All premium payments or other monies payable for the Policies and Contracts shall be paid or remitted in full by or on behalf of Policy owners directly to ETLIC or its designated servicing agent together with such applications, forms and other documentation as may be required by ETLIC. Checks or money orders in payment of premiums or other monies payable shall be drawn to the order of "EquiTrust Life Insurance Company." ETLIC will retain all such payments except to the extent such payments are allocated to the Accounts.