Scheduled Day Sample Clauses

Scheduled Day. An exception to the normally scheduled day for a teacher will be determined in advance through mutual agreement between the teacher and the principal. The total scheduled hours shall not be more nor less than the hours specified in VI.B.1. above or as specified in section VI B.3. below.
Scheduled Day any employee required to work overtime on a scheduled day of work shall be paid at the rate of one and one half (1 1/2) times their applicable base rate for work after eight (8) hours up to the tenth (10th) hour of work and two (2) times their applicable base rate thereafter.
Scheduled Day. Standby Overtime rates for standby drivers are payable for all work performed after the completion of a regular day's work. The rate of one and one-half (1.5) times the base rate will be paid after the driver has worked eight (8) hours and up to ten (10) hours, and two (2) times the base rate after ten (10) hours. There shall be no compounding of premium or overtime rates.
Scheduled Day. Duty 53 D7.03 Non-scheduled Day 53 D7.04 Layover Time 53 ARTICLE D8 – MEAL EXPENSES 54 D8.01 Meal Allowance 54 D8.02 Working a Full Day 54 D8.03 Meals Not Provided 54 D8.04 Meal Expenses Paid 54 D8.05 Unusual Circumstances 54 ARTICLE D9 – TICKET TIME AND SHUTTLE TIME 55 D9.01 Records and Trip Work 55 D9.02 Ticket Time 55 D9.03 Not to Attract Overtime 55 D9.04 Shuttle Time Between Depot and the Coach Lot 55 ARTICLE D10 – OVERNIGHTS 56 D10.01 Unable to Return Home 56 D10.02 Ability to Refuse 56 D10.03 Standby Drivers Forced Overnight 56 D10.04 Allowance 56 ARTICLE D11 – LAY OFF AND RECALL 56 D11.01 Reduction in the Work Force 56 D11.02 Recall 57 D11.03 Work Being Filled 57 D11.04 Temporary Assignments 57 D11.05 Positions Not Filled 57 D11.06 Deferment 57 D11.07 Upon Return 58 D11.08 Increases of Two (2) Weeks or More 58 D11.09 Three (3) Day Recall 58 D11.10 Work of Less than Three (3) Days 58 D11.11 Day Off Sign Ups 59 D11.12 Additions to the Daily Work Board 59 D11.13 Inability to Report 59 D11.14 Term of Recall 59 D11.15 Transfers 59 D11.16 Relocations 60 D11.17 Employer to Fill vacancy from Recall List 60 D11.18 Minimum Number of Full-Time Positions 60 ARTICLE D12 – DRIVER TRAINING & INSTRUCTION 61 D12.01 Driver Instructor 61 D12.02 Refresher Training 61 D12.03 Retraining 61 D12.04 Training Premium 62 D12.05 Training Rate 62 ARTICLE D13 – LEGAL COSTS 62 D13.01 Legal Costs 62 D13.02 Port Passes 62 ARTICLE D14 – UNIFORMS 62 D14.01 Uniforms Provided 62 D14.02 Maintenance of Quality 62 D14.03 Costs 63 D14.04 Cleaning Allowance 63 D14.05 Appearance 63 D14.06 Regulations to be Agreed 63 D14.07 Union Insignia 63 ARTICLE D15 – DUTIES 63 D15.01 Definition 63 D15.02 Standby Driver Covering 64 D15.03 Regular Hours of Work for a Duty 64 D15.04 Two Consecutive Days Off 64 D15.05 Different Days Off 64 D15.06 Duty Sheets 64 D15.07 Work Added 64 D15.08 Depot Sign Ups 64 D15.09 Duties After Sign Up 65 D15.10 Work Included 65 D15.11 Loading Time 65 D15.12 Changes 65 D15.13 Extension 65 D15.14 Suspension of a Duty 65 D15.15 Signing for a Duty 65 D15.16 Overtime Assignment 65 ARTICLE D16 – DRIVERS ON STANDBY 66 D16.01 Definition 66 D16.02 Types of Work for Standby Drivers 66 D16.03 Hours of Work 66 D16.04 Start Time 66 ARTICLE D17 – GENERAL WORK RULES 67 D17.01 Renaming the Spareboard 67 D17.02 Daily Work Board 67 D17.03 Start Time by Seniority 67 D17.04 Work By Seniority 68 D17.05 Duties 68 D17.06 Proxies 68 D17.07 Standing Proxy 68 D17.08 No Proxy 68 D17.09 Start and Finis...
Scheduled Day. OFF for a regular full-time employee means any day the employee is not scheduled to work, other than a paid holiday. START DATE means an employee’s initial date of current regular employment.
Scheduled Day. Duty Overtime rates for duty drivers are payable for all work done prior to the commencement of or after the completion of a regular duty or for all work over and above eight (8) hours work, or ten (10) hours in the case of a ten (10) hour duty, excluding ticket time. Overtime for duty drivers will be one and one-half (1.5) times the base rate for the first two (2) hours of overtime worked and two (2) times the base rate for all overtime worked thereafter.
Scheduled Day. OFF for a regular full-time employee means any day the employee is not scheduled to work, other than a paid holiday. For a regular part-time employee, "Scheduled Day Off" means a designated day off. SHIFT means the normal consecutive work hours scheduled for each employee (regular full-time, regular part-time or casual) which occur in any twenty-four (24) hour period. In each twenty-four (24) hour period there shall normally be three (3) shifts, namely: day, evening and night shift. XXXXXXX means an employee within the Employer's service elected or appointed by the Union or its members to represent the Union and its members. TRANSFER means the movement of an employee from one position to another which does not constitute a promotion or demotion. UNION REPRESENTATIVE means a member of the staff of the Union or designated substitute. YEAR means a period from any given date in one month to the immediately preceding date twelve (12) months later.

Related to Scheduled Day

  • Scheduled Days Off When an employee requests a day off in advance of the schedule being written and the request is granted, the Employer will endeavor to work with the employee so that there is not a reduction in hours because of the request. (This LU shall not be subject to the grievance procedure).

  • Scheduled Downtime For the purposes of this Agreement, Scheduled Downtime will mean those hours, as determined by us but which will not occur between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM Pacific Time, Monday through Friday without your authorization or unless exigent circumstances exist, during which time we will perform scheduled maintenance or adjustments to the Environment. We will use our best efforts to provide you with at least twenty-four (24) hours of notice prior to scheduling Scheduled Downtime.

  • Holiday Falling on a Scheduled Workday An employee who works on a designated holiday which is a scheduled workday shall be compensated at the rate of double-time for hours worked, plus a day off in lieu of the holiday; except for Christmas and New Year's when the compensation shall be at the rate of double-time and one-half for hours worked, plus a day off in lieu of the holiday.

  • Scheduled Hours Hours falling within an employee's scheduled tour.

  • Payment Due Dates Whenever any payment hereunder or with respect to any Advances or under any Notes shall be stated to be due on a day other than a Business Day, such payment shall be made on the next succeeding Business Day, and such extension of time shall in such case be included in the computation of payment of interest or fee, as the case may be, but not later than the Termination Date or, if the Term Loan Conversion Option has been exercised, the Maturity Date; provided, however, if such extension would cause payment of interest on or principal of Eurodollar Rate Advances to be made in the next following calendar month, such payment shall be made on the immediately preceding Business Day.

  • Scheduled Outages (a) Commencing at least sixty (60) days before Initial Synchronization and throughout the Delivery Term, Seller shall, no later than January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1 of each year, submit to SCE, using the Web Client, Seller’s schedule of proposed planned outages (“Outage Schedule”) for the subsequent twenty-four month period.

  • Scheduled Holidays Holidays for certain employees, typically 24/7 facilities, are pre-scheduled on days other than the holidays mentioned in Section 1. This schedule is determined in advance. If employees who have their holiday pre-scheduled are required to work on that pre-scheduled holiday day, they are compensated as follows:

  • Payment Dates Interest accrued on each Loan shall be payable, without duplication: