STATE OF EMERGENCY. 43.01 The following provisions shall apply to employees during a state of emergency declared by the Employer:
STATE OF EMERGENCY. 51.01 The following provisions shall apply to employees during a state of emergency declared by the appropriate provincial or municipal authority:
STATE OF EMERGENCY. Where the employer requires a nurse to work during an officially declared state of emergency, the nurse will be provided with accommodation which will include parking, meals and travel should the nurse be unable to safely commute to and from work.
STATE OF EMERGENCY. The Engineer has the authority to suspend Contractor’s operations, wholly or in part, pursuant to a Governor’s Declaration of a State of Emergency. The Engineer will order such suspension in writing, giving in detail the reasons for the suspension. Contract Time will be charged during all suspensions of Contractor’s operations. The County, at its sole discretion, may grant an extension of Contract Time and reimburse Contractor for specific costs associated with such suspension. Further, in such instances, the County’s determination as to entitlement to either time or compensability will be final, unless Contractor can prove by clear and convincing evidence to a Disputes Review Board that the County’s determination was without any reasonable factual basis
STATE OF EMERGENCY. The Parties agree to meet within six (6) months of ratification of this Agreement and quarterly thereafter as required to establish mutually agreeable processes for the redeployment of staff to essential services in the event of a state of emergency in the City of Markham as declared by Markham Council, the Regional Municipality of York, The Province of Ontario or the Government of Canada. (2016) Dated this 9th day of May, 2017 at Markham, Ontario: For the Corporation For the Union Xxxx Xxxxxx Xxxx Xxxxxx Xxxx Xxxxxx Letter of Understanding Between THE CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF MARKHAM AND THE CANADIAN UNION OF PUBLIC EMPLOYEES, LOCAL 1219 (Inside Workers)
STATE OF EMERGENCY. If the governor declares a state of emergency because of inclement weather, custodial/maintenance employees shall not be required to report to work and shall not be charged for the time. However, if the District asks these employees to report, and if any employees feel able to report, he/she/they shall be paid at the full overtime hourly rate for each hour or portion of an hour worked.
STATE OF EMERGENCY. The District considers all custodial and maintenance staff covered by this agreement to be ‘emergency personnel.’ In the event that a State of Emergency is declared by the Commonwealth of MA, all unit members are expected to make all reasonable effort to report to work if called upon by the Superintendent or his/her designee. Any emergency response covered by this section shall be paid at a minimum of three (3) hours at Double rates per Appendix A.
STATE OF EMERGENCY. An employee called in during a declared State of Emergency that affects the City of Northampton shall receive two times his/her pay for all time actually worked.
STATE OF EMERGENCY. To volunteer to assist in emergency response when a county, state and federal declaration of “state of emergency” has been made. Not to exceed ten (10) work days.
STATE OF EMERGENCY. 24.1 All employees are emergency-disaster workers subject to such disaster service activities as may be assigned to them by their supervisors, including emergency preparedness activities.