Job Security Sample Clauses

Job Security. An employee seeking and/or accepting assistance to alleviate an alcohol, other drug, behavioral, or emotional problem will not jeopardize his/her job security or consideration for advancement.
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Job Security. 37:01 It is the declared intention of the Employer to provide for the security of the employees covered by the terms of this Agreement to the extent consistent with the obligation of the Employer to undertake the operations and administration of the University of Toronto, in the most efficient and economical manner possible in order that it may satisfactorily discharge its public responsibilities. It is agreed that any employees, with the exception of apprentices, who are employed by the Employer with two (2) years of service or more shall not be laid off by reason of the Employer contracting out work being performed by such employees.
Job Security. 3101 a) In the event of a layoff, employees other than probationary and temporary employees shall receive notice or pay in lieu of such as follows:
Job Security. 3101 a) In the event of a layoff, employees other than probationary and temporary employees shall receive notice or pay in lieu of such notice as follows:two (2) weeks notice for each year of employment (seniority) of up to a maximum of three (3) months notice. b) A lay-off shall be any reduction in the work force or any permanent reduction of an employee’s normal hours of work due to lack of work. 3102 When a layoff becomes necessary, employees will be laid off in reverse order of seniority within their occupational classification, subject only to more senior employees being qualified, competent and willing to perform the required work. 3103 In the event of the deletion of an occupied position, as much notice as possible shall be given to the incumbent. 3104 An employee whose position is being deleted in accordance with Article 3103, or who is being laid off in accordance with Article 3102 will be entitled to exercise seniority rights, subject to her being qualified, competent and willing to perform the required work, to displace a less senior employee in an equal or lower occupational classification. Any employee thus displaced shall be entitled to a like exercise of seniorityrights, with the employee or employees who are finally displaced by the exercise of this subsection being considered laid off, and subject to recall as outlined below. 3105 An employee who is demoted due to a reason other than unsatisfactory performance shall continue to be paid her current basic salary until the rate for the classification to which she was demoted exceeds her current rate. The application of this provision as it relates to the layoff/recall procedure shall be limited to a three (3) year period from the date the employee assumes a position in a lower paid classification or until the salary scale of the lower position reaches her level of salary, whichever occurs first. 3106 An employee who exercises her seniority rights shall be entitled to a six (6) week or two hundred and forty(240) hours (whichever is greater) familiarization period. In the event that the employee cannot function effectively in the position at the conclusion of the familiarization period, she shall be placed directly onto layoff status and the person originally displaced from the position shall, if not yet recalled, be returned to the position. 3107 To qualify for recall, it shall be the responsibility of the employee to keep the Employer informed in writ- ing of her current address and phone num...
Job Security. The state shall make a reasonable effort to notify FSFSA at least 30 days in advance of a layoff involving positions within the bargaining unit. Prior to the actual layoff, if requested, the state will meet with the FSFSA to bargain the impact of the layoff on the employees involved.
Job Security. For the duration of this Agreement, no permanent Unit I member will lose employment due to services being provided by an outside contractor, provided that such Unit I member will accept temporary assignment to a position on the same Teacher’s Salary Schedule (including PGCEA Differential) to which such Unit I member would be otherwise entitled.The foregoing provision shall not apply in the event the Maryland State Department of Education mandates that services are to be provided by an outside contractor and as a result, the Board does not have sufficient vacancies to transfer the affected Unit I member. Under such circumstances the provisions for Involuntary Transfer (4.11) and Reduction-in-Force (4.12) will apply.
Job Security. All offer letters sent to graduate students shall include the cost of attendance at the University, including any tuition or fees which the graduate student employee will be required to pay, and a statement of the stipend and duration of appointment being offered. This letter will also indicate whether or not the same level of financial support for continued appointment is guaranteed. In addition, said offer letters will include the statement that continued appointments are contingent on satisfactory academic progress and satisfactory job performance. Letters of offer shall not use the phrase “guaranteed subject to availability of funding.” The provisions of this paragraph shall not apply to graduate student employees in the Division of Continuing Education. Departments shall have the option of offering contracts to graduate student employees for a period of up to two years. There shall be no retaliation against a graduate student employee in the form of termination of an appointment prior to its expiration, or in reappointment, as a result of said graduate student employee filing a grievance about an academic matter. Nothing in this prohibition shall be construed to allow academic grievances to be considered under the terms of this Agreement, nor shall anything in this prohibition be construed to require the continued appointment or reappointment, pending resolution of an academic grievance, of a graduate student employee for whom the department has just cause for termination or non-reappointment other than the filing of the grievance.
Job Security. No permanent employee shall lose his employment because of subcontracting engaged in by the Employer. No paid staff position will be displaced or replaced by the use of volunteers.The Employer is committed during the life of this Agreement not to contract out work presently performed by C.U.P.E. members. The Employer is prepared to review concerns regarding contracting out informally with the Union through the Labour Management Liaison Committee structure.
Job Security. When an employee's regular job temporarily or permanently ceases to exist, because of temporary conditions or because of permanent changes in work procedures, they shall be offered a position commensurate with their knowledge, ability and skills, and seniority as per Article 10 of this Agreement. If they accept the new position, the rates of pay for these positions to which they are transferred shall not come into effect for five (5) working days.
Job Security. Employees who are placed in/recalled to a different job classification shall be paid at the rate of the new job classification accordingly: