JOB SECURITY Sample Clauses

JOB SECURITY. 14.01 (a) With respect to the development of any operating or re-structuring plan which may affect the bargaining unit, the Union shall be involved in the planning process as soon as practicable and, in any event, in advance of such plans or proposals being finalized and notices of layoff being issued or other actions taken that would adversely affect the bargaining unit and through to the final phases of the process.
JOB SECURITY. 34:01 It is the declared intention of the Employer to provide for the job security of the employees covered by the terms of this Agreement to the extent consistent with the obligation of the Employer to undertake the operations and administration of the University of Toronto in the most efficient and economic manner possible in order that it may satisfactorily discharge its public responsibilities. It is agreed that any employee who was employed by the Employer with one (1) year of service or more shall not be laid off by reason of the Employer contracting out the work being performed by such employee. However, in such event, the Employer agrees that the employee will be placed in another job with a similar rate and be re-trained. All employees who have less than one (1) year of seniority must attain one year of seniority prior to being entitled to the terms of this job security clause.
JOB SECURITY. 27.01 A full-time employee shall be appointed to regular status upon successful completion of the probationary period and be credited with seniority at least equal to the probationary period served.
JOB SECURITY. In order to provide job security for the members of the bargaining unit, the Employer agrees that work or services presently performed or hereafter assigned to the collective bargaining unit shall not be sub-contracted, transferred, leased, assigned, or conveyed in whole or in part, to any other person, company, or non-unit employee.
JOB SECURITY. 20.01 (a) The Employer shall not contract out any work normally performed by members of the bargaining unit, if, as direct result of such contracting out, a layoff of any employees covered by this Collective Agreement occurs. Contracting out to an employer who is organized and who will employ the affected employees of the bargaining unit who would otherwise be laid off is not a breach of this Agreement.
JOB SECURITY. 26.10 A It is agreed that Article 27, Job Security, has no application to partial-load teachers except as referred to in 27.04 A, 27.06 A (iv), (v), (vi), 27.08 B, 27.11 B and 27.12. Such partial-load teachers may be released upon 30 days' written notice and shall resign by giving 30 days' written notice.