LETTERS OF UNDERSTANDING. Any Letter of Understanding negotiated between the Company and the Union shall be deemed to form part of this Agreement as if it had been incorporated herein. A Letter of Understanding shall be identified by a heading and a number, and must be signed by representatives of both parties at the Headquarters level.
LETTERS OF UNDERSTANDING. The attached letter(s) of understanding described below are part of the Agreement and will continue in effect throughout the term of this Agreement.
LETTERS OF UNDERSTANDING. The following are Letters of Understanding agreed to as of April 1, 2017, and will remain in effect for the term of the agreement. Vested Sick Leave Page: 59 Summer Hours - Storekeeper Page: 60 Coffee /Rest Breaks Page: 61 Operations Shift Schedule Page: 62 System Operator Shift Schedule Page: 64 Labour Board Settlement Page: 66 Scheduled Overtime in Operations Page: 67 Callout in Operations Page: 69 Lifetime Benefits Page: 70 Request for Travel Advance Page: 71 New Health Care Spending Account Program and Fund Page: 72 Third Party Medical Assessments Page: 73 Contracting Out - Contract Linepersons Page: 73 Skilled Employees Page: 74 Affiliate Relationship Code Page: 74 Flexible Working Hours for Marketing Assistant Page: 75 Medical Appointments Page: 76
LETTERS OF UNDERSTANDING. 45.01 All Letters of Understanding agreed to between Management and Union officials during the negotiations of this Agreement and any others issued during the term of this Agreement are intended by the parties to form part of this Agreement and to have the same force and effect as specific provisions of this Agreement.
LETTERS OF UNDERSTANDING. A.6.1 All appended Letters of Understanding, unless otherwise specified, are incorporated and made part of the Agreement.
LETTERS OF UNDERSTANDING. A) Letters of Understanding entered into by the parties have the same force and effect as if they were contained within the agreement, subject to any expiry, renewal or amendment provisions specified within each Letter of Understanding.
LETTERS OF UNDERSTANDING. Letters of Understanding signed by the parties from time to time during the life of this Agreement shall be a part of this agreement. Where no termination date is specified then the Letter of Understanding will continue from year to year.
LETTERS OF UNDERSTANDING. 39.01 For the term of this Agreement, the following Letters of Understanding shall be attached to and form part of this Agreement:
LETTERS OF UNDERSTANDING. 30.01 Attached to this agreement are letters of Understanding which will form part of the collective agreement. Any other documents which pre-date this collective agreement are not considered to form part of the collective agreement and do not create binding obligations on the parties.