Sick Leave Provisions Sample Clauses

Sick Leave Provisions. 13.1 Definition Sick leave means the period of time an employee is permitted to be absent from work with full pay by virtue of being sick or disabled, or under medical treatment, or because of an accident for which compensation is not payable under the Workers' Compensation Act.
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Sick Leave Provisions. Medical complications of pregnancy, including complications during an unpaid leave of absence under this Article, preceding the period stated by the Employment Insurance Act, shall be covered by sick leave credits provided the employee is not in receipt of maternity benefits under the Employment Insurance Act or any wage loss replacement plan.
Sick Leave Provisions. (a) All employees, except for casual employees, upon completion of the probationary period, shall be granted one and one-half (1½) days' sick leave with pay for every month of service. An employee shall be entitled to an accrual of all unused sick leave to a maximum of two hundred and sixty-one (261) days for the employee’s future benefits.
Sick Leave Provisions. Maternity leave medical complications of pregnancy shall be covered by sick leave provisions. Pregnancy shall not constitute cause for Termination.
Sick Leave Provisions. 23.01 After completion of three (3) months continuous service all employees shall be entitled to sick leave with pay at the employee's regular rate of pay, accumulative at the rate of one and one-half (1½) days per month of service to a maximum accumulation of one hundred twenty (120) work days.
Sick Leave Provisions. 19.01 The Board shall keep a record of each Employee's credited and accumulated sick leave, with the exception of Temporary Employees. Employees shall be advised annually in writing as to the amount of their accumulated leaves.
Sick Leave Provisions. All registered and graduate nurses in the employ of the Hospital as of October 31, 1981, shall be entitled to the following:
Sick Leave Provisions a) A certificated employee who has exhausted sick leave as a result of a major extended injury or illness and is applying for long term disability shall be granted leave for up to fifteen (15) additional days at a rate of forty-five dollars ($45.00) per day.
Sick Leave Provisions. Short term sick leave will be paid according to regular scheduled hours up to a total of five hundred and sixty-two and one-half (562.5) hours: i.e., 75 working days x 7.5 hours.
Sick Leave Provisions. The Employer will provide sick leave credits for the sole and exclusive purpose of protecting employees against loss of income during periods of legitimate illness. At the beginning of each fiscal year (April 1) full-time employees who have successfully completed their probationary or trial period are credited with ninety (90) hours of sick time credits to be paid at one-hundred percent (100%) of their normal earnings. New full-time employees will be allocated sick time credits pro-rated to the date they successfully complete their probationary or trial period. Xxxx leave credits have no value upon termination of employment and cannot be carried over from one fiscal year to the next. Any employee absenting herself on account of illness, regardless of whether she qualifies for sick leave pay under this Article, subject to extenuating circumstances, shall be required to speak directly with her supervisor or designate prior to the commencement of her shift, and in any event no later than two (2) hours prior to the normal commencement of her shift. An employee may be required to submit a medical certificate with respect to any period of time the employee is absent due to illness for more than three (3) consecutive days. It is understood that the Employer may request a medical certificate from employees to cover any absence due to illness, where a pattern of absence so warrants. In the case of longer absences, the employee must keep his/her supervisor informed at two (2) week intervals of his/her progress and expected date of return to work. Employees are expected to notify their supervisor as early as possible of their expected date of return to work. All employees returning to work after any absence due to illness or injury may be requested to present proof of fitness to return to work in the form of medical documentation from a physician or nurse practitioner. The cost of any medical certificate required will be paid by the employee. Employees are expected to participate in the Employer’s return to work program. A statutory or other declared holiday falling within the sick leave period shall not be charged against the sick leave credits. When and employee’s illness continues beyond their sick leave credits, the sequence shall be as follows: